Infra Projects: The cost of 384 infrastructure projects increased by Rs 4.66 lakh crore due to delay

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Infra Projects: The cost of 384 projects costing 150 crore rupees or more in the infrastructure sector has increased by more than 4.66 lakh crore rupees. अक रोपत में कहा है की देरी आवर अध्य रूजुन से एन प्रेटेज की कोस्त है है. સાંગિકિકિકિક એર્ર્રા ક્ર્યાન મ્ટ્ટ્ર્ટ્ટ્ર પ્ર્ટ્ર્ટ્ટ પ્ર્સ પ્ર્ટ્ર પ્ર્ટ્ટ્ટ રિક્ટિક્ટ કિર્ટ્ટ્ટ્ટી The ministry’s June 2022 report said that in this way, 384 of the 1,514 projects cost more, while 713 projects are running late.

The cost of projects increased by 21.99%

According to the report, the implementation cost of these 1,514 projects is estimated to be Rs 21,21,471.79 crore, but it is expected to increase to Rs 25,87,946.13 crore. According to the report, 13,30,885.21 crore rupees have been spent on these projects by June 2022, which is 51.43 percent of the total estimated cost. है However, the ministry said that if the projects are completed by the current deadline, the number of projects will be reduced to 552. By the way, in this report, 523 projects have been running for years.

The average delay is 42.13 months

The report said that out of 713 projects, 123 projects are delayed by one month to 12 months, 122 projects are delayed by 13 to 24 months, 339 projects are delayed by 25 to 60 months and 129 projects are delayed by 61 months or more. . In 647 projects, the average delay is 42.13 months. The reasons for the delay in these projects are the delay in land acquisition, the delay in meeting the approvals of the environment and forest department, and the lack of infrastructure. In addition to these, there are delays in project financing, detailed engineering implementation, changes in project prospects, delays in the tender process, delays in awarding contracts and construction equipment, legal and other problems, unexpected land changes, etc. The projects are delayed.

It was also delayed by the lockdown

According to the report, various projects have been delayed due to the lockdown imposed due to Kovid-19. The report says that the project agencies have modified the cost of the project for many projects. This shows that the increase in cost figures is ‘low’.

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