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लगततm तक मबिकवह ककने के केकेतीय विदेशीनिवेशकतीय निवेशकशेयभ भशेयभ भशेय भशेयभभभभभभ भ लौट हैं आए हैं. In July, FPIs invested around Rs 5,000 crore in the stock market. Dollar index के नर्म पादने अवर कैप्रण के भिवर्ष करते नतीजन के बाद FPI एक बार फिर लिवाल बन गे हैन. Earlier in June, FPIs had withdrawn Rs 50,145 crore from stocks. This is the highest withdrawal in one month after March, 2020. At that time, the FPI had withdrawn 61,973 crore rupees from the Indian stock market.

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Yes Securities’ Chief Analyst-Institutional Equities Hitesh Jain believes that the flow of FPI will be positive in August. The reason for this is that रूपी का सुबे कार्बार समाय अब बीत चुका है अवर काच्च तेल के दाम भी एक अच्छे में देखाई कर रहे है. अविया अभावा भी भी भी भी भी भी रहे है।
According to depository data, in July, FPIs invested a net of Rs 4,989 crore in Indian stock markets. मह के दाउरान नु दिन वे शुद्ध लिवाल रहे. Before this, FPI Bikwal bane huaye thaye last consecutive nine months. 2.46 Lakh Crore Rupees have been withdrawn from Indian stock markets.

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2,056 crore rupees are withdrawn from the bond market
Morningstar India’s Associate Director-Managing Research Himanshu Srivastava said, ”The reason for the flow of FPI in July is Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s statement. Pavel ne kaha ki hai ki America ahbi mendi mein nahin hai. After Pavel’s statement, the perception has improved and the global investor is ready to take risks.” Srivastava का मनाना है की अगे FPI का रुक्ष क्या रहेग, इस्को अग्या में गुणे में अभी कुच समाय लागा. भाषा अजय आजय

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