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iPhone 14 is expected to be launched in September. Actually, before the launch of the new iPhone 14, it is sold on major e-commerce portals with a discount compared to the current model of the iPhone, which proves to be a bargain deal. Yes, Amazon and Flipkart are offering great deals on iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and other iPhone models with huge discounts, exchange and banking offers. अधि आप एक कम डाम में एक दांसु का विश्वार का प्लान का का रहे है है तो amazon-flipkart की ये दिल मट की ज़िणा. Here we tell you about the deals available on iPhone 13, iPhone 12 in detail…

iPhone 13 Offer: Flipkart vs Amazon
All color variants of the iPhone 13 128GB (Product Red, Green, Midnight, Pink, Starlight, Blue) are available on Flipkart at 73,909 rupees with a 7 percent discount. Its MRP is 79,900 rupees. If you have a old phone for exchange, you can receive an exchange bonus of up to 19,000 rupees. जो इसे दील को अवर अधिक बाना बाना देगा. The e-commerce website is offering banking offers like iPhone 13 on HDFC Bank Credit Card and Credit and Debit Card EMI transactions on Rs 4,000 and 5 percent cashback on Flipkart Axis Bank Card. அயை அய்கு க்க்கு க்கு க்கு க்கு மாட்டை

At the same time, on Amazon, the iPhone 13 128GB (Starlight, Blue, Midnight) variant is only 68,900 rupees with a 14 percent discount. While (Product Red, Green, Pink) variants are available with 11 per cent discount of Rs 70,900. Amazon phone पर 12,750 rupees तक का exchange bonus भी उपर कर रही है. अध्य दिया देखें की Amazon iPhone 13 पर भाष्टिक फोर नहीन दे रहा है.

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iPhone 12 Offer: Flipkart vs Amazon
On Flipkart, all color variants of iPhone 12 64GB (Black, Blue, Product Red, Green, Purple, White) are available for just 59,999 rupees with a full 8 percent discount. Its MRP is Rs 65,900. You can get an exchange bonus of up to 17,000 rupees on your phone. iPhone 12 is the only banking offer on Flipkart Axis Bank Card at 5 percent cashback. Flipkart also offers freebies.

At the same time, on Amazon, the product Red variant of iPhone 12 64GB with an MRP of 65,900 rupees is available at only 54,999 rupees with a 17 percent discount, while the Blue variant is available at only 55,900 rupees with a 15 percent discount. Besides that, Green, Purple, White color variants are available with 11 percent discount at only 58,900 rupees. Amazon is offering an exchange bonus of up to 12,750 rupees on the phone and a 5 percent instant discount of up to 250 rupees with a minimum purchase value of 1000 rupees on Amazon HSBC cashback card credit card transactions.

(note- The exchange bonus will depend on the phone’s condition and model. Besides this, enter the PIN code first and make sure that the exchange bonus is available in your area. Please check the details of the offer before purchasing.)

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