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The country will face economic problems like Sri Lanka and Pakistan. This is what Raghuram Rajan, the former governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), said. He said that the RBI has increased foreign exchange reserves.

News agency ANI ne rajan ke hawale se kaha-hamare pas தியுக்க்கு வியை வியை மாட்டு புர்ப்பார் பார்஡ார் है. The Reserve Bank has done a good job in this. हमारी पर्बोल्मा Sri Lanka aur pakistan jaisi nahin hai. हैमरे फोटी कर्ज भी कम हैन The former governor of the RBI said that this time there is inflation in the world. RBI বাজে দারেন ব্ধ্ধ রায়্য়্যা জান্তে মান্গায কাম্য ক্র ক্রান মাদ্ত The highest inflation is in food and fuel. According to Raghuram Rajan, the food inflation in the world is low, and it will decrease in India in the coming days.

How much is the foreign currency store: According to the latest RBI data, India’s foreign exchange reserves for the week ended on July 22 were 571.56 billion dollars. During this week, a drop of 1.152 billion dollars was recorded in foreign currency reserves.

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Sri Lanka-Pakistan status: In both countries, the price is high. In July, Sri Lanka’s retail inflation rate reached 61 percent. अब देश में Emergency के हालात हैन. پاکیستان کی باط کرین تو پیکیک اشانتی سی آنکیک عنکیتا بہرہ رای hai, کا روسی کا اومیولین هو رها hai. This is why the economy of Pakistan is also low.

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