Uber drivers are going to make this change for drivers, passengers will not have the problem of trip cancellation

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Uber The app is going to make a big change to eliminate the problem of passengers canceling their trips after booking. According to the information, before accepting the trip, Uber drivers are going to show how far they are going and where they are going. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that with the upfront fare, the company has completely redesigned the way drivers accept rides. Mana ja raha hai that after this change, travelers will be able to cancel their trip and get rid of the problem.

The driver will earn more

Our new travel request screen makes it easier for drivers to decide whether a trip is worth their time and effort, including how much they will be traveling and where they are going, Khosrowshahi said in a statement late Friday. .” Uber launched an upfront fair in some cities in the beginning of this year. Another feature called ‘Trip Radar’ lets drivers see a list of other nearby trips. This way, drivers will be able to earn more.

driver’s pass option will be available

Khosroshahi said, drivers will still receive individual travel requests like before, but with trip radar, they will have the ability to choose another trip that will work better for them. The company said that the trip radar will expand with upfront fares in the next few months. Uber’s CEO said, “I had the opportunity to announce these new innovations to over 100 drivers in Washington, DC. Who will help drivers save gas, fees and much more.

मर्जर की खाबर को अग्या बेबुनियाद

After the news of the merger of Ola and Uber, the two companies have released a report on the matter. Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola, tweeted this news. According to the report, उबर ने भी मर्जर की खाबर को सीरे से नकारा है .

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