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टिव्टार (Twitter) दिनोदिन चुद को दवान्स करता जा रहा है. Soon it will compete with other social media apps including Facebook and Instagram. ایسا هم این کی که ره هین گود کلد اپا پر تویترر بی بی این شریر فوتوید, ویدو اور GIF یامج کار کی کے کے کے کے کے کے کے کے ہے According to a report, Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow users to post photos, videos and GIFs in one tweet. कासी काम करेगे जे फेक्तर चलीय में देटेल में जाइन है है।

You can post three formats in one tweet
Twitter is working on a new feature that allows users to post photos, videos and GIFs in three different formats in one tweet. The company is now starting testing of this feature, and it is possible to expect it to be available for everyone.

Leaked feature of the look
Although Twitter has not officially revealed what this feature will look like, some leakers have already shared what it will look like before publishing the tweet. Alessandro Palozzi has shared a screenshot, which shows how this feature will look like. In a tweet, he attached a photo, video, and GIF to one another.

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The company said yes
Twitter said in a statement, “We are testing a new feature with select accounts for a limited time, which will allow people to match up to four media assets in a single tweet, regardless of format. that people are having more visual conversations on Twitter and using photos, GIFs and videos to make these conversations more exciting. परे इन अलाग अलाग मेडिया फ्रामेट क वर्ण के शुद्य को अधिक चुद्य रूप से खुद को काई केसी करेट करेट हैन.”

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Status-sharing feature की भी टेस्टिंग कर रहा ट्विट्रार
In addition, the company was recently seen testing a status-sharing feature that allows you to share your status on the hashtag platform. With this feature, you will get some hashtags that you can post to show your status. It will include “Vacation Mode,” “Living the Dream,” “Travelling,” etc. تویتر نی ابحی تک یه اوکول نہیں کیا هی کی یہ کی هیہ کی کی لیہ کب ایں ایں

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