Sextortion gang busted by Delhi Police Sextortionist siblings held from UP and Rajasthan

Two alleged members of a sextortion gang (Sextortion Gang) have been arrested by the Delhi Police from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan for ensnaring more than 100 people in a trap. বুবুক্যাকাধ্যা স্গে বায়ে हैন অয়্তে স্যায স্যায সারার তাইন.

The Delhi Police gave information about this on Saturday and said that the arrest of these members of the sextortion gang was made after a complaint from a person. The person alleged that the accused extorted 12,42,850 rupees from him. The police arrested three members of this gang first, but two members Ahmed Khan and Aamir Khan were far away.

DCP (Crime) Amit Goyal said that he was arrested on Thursday from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. According to the DCP, both the accused are brothers and have been arrested in a sextortion gang, which targeted more than 100 people.

The accused targeted people through fake profiles of women on social media and then sent ‘friend requests’ to them.

The police said that after some time they called that person on a video call and did some obscene things, which they secretly recorded. अवे बाद वे उन लोगो को वीडियो विडीय विराल करेन का दर दिधाकर अगबे उग्या गार्टे करेटे थे.

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