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PF Fund पर जिदा बेज की अमार्यों को बार्डा ज्ञाक लागा है. Actually, the EPFO, the body that manages the retirement fund, has not yet considered the proposal to increase the investment limit in shares from 15 percent to 20 percent. EPFO Trustee Harbhajan Singh has given this information.

hua tha protest: Harbhajan Singh said, “The proposal to increase investment in shares or share-related schemes was not taken up for consideration in the 231st meeting of the Central Board of Trustees held on July 29 and 30.” He said that the representatives of the employees of the EPFO ​​executive in the meeting at the beginning of this week opposed this proposal. He said that considering the volatile nature of the stock markets before the revision in the investment format of EPFO, there is a need for more detailed discussions on this.

proposal withdrawn: In view of this suggestion, the proposal to increase investment in shares or related plans under the revised agenda of the Board of Trustees meeting was withdrawn. There was a proposal to increase the allocation of investable funds from the current 15 percent to 20 percent in share-related schemes.

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Let us tell you that at present, EPFO ​​can invest from five percent to 15 percent of investment-able deposits in shares or share-related schemes. The Financial Accounting and Investment Committee (FAIC), which advises EPFO, has supported the proposal to revise this limit to 20 percent. আস্ত্র্যান প্র্তে প্র্য্র্য্য প্র্যান ক্র্যাত

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The interest rate also has an effect: इस प्रवाश को मुज्ञान मिल्ले की सिति में बेज दर ज़्य की अमेरी की जाती है. Actually, EPFO ​​বাজাজ দার কার ক্র্ত কার কার ক্র ক্র ক্র্ত্র কার্ত The higher the return, the higher the interest rate.

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