Karvy scam: ED’s big action on Karvy stock broking, assets worth so many crores seized

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  • ED ने मैनिल्ड्रिंग अधिक में 110 क्रोर की अच्चार कुर्क की है
  • With new attachment, 2,095 crore rupees have gone up
  • In March, the ED attached Rs 1,984 crore of assets

Karvy scam: ED (प्रवर्टन निदेशलाय) ने शानिवर्ट को कहा की है कार्वी शुक्ट ब्रूक्री लिएम्त (KSBL), अक्षा कार्वन कार्वर्ण कार्णणार्थी अच्छा की अच्छ की अच्छ की अचल एक चाल अच्छा कुर्क की है. নন্যাত্তাম্তান কাস্তা, অব ক্ল ক্ল্র 2,095 ক্র্র র্র প্র্য়া In March, the ED attached Rs 1,984 crore in the form of immovable and movable assets like land, buildings and shareholding. The investigating agency has started its investigation on the basis of an FIR registered by the CCS Police Station, Hyderabad Police, on the complaints of the lending banks, who had complained that the Karvi group had illegally mortgaged their customers’ shares worth around Rs 2,800 crore. Rhakkar had taken a large amount of debt and as per the orders of NSE and SEBI, the said loan became NPA after the issuance of the customer’s securities.

Among the leading stock brokers, there was one

KSBL was one of the country’s leading stock brokers with millions of customers. In 2019, after the limited-purpose inspection of KSBL by NSE, the scandal came to light that KSBL had not disclosed the DP account and pledged the securities of the customers to raise funds in the stockbroker-client account instead of its own account. Bank accounts (stock broker-self account) The ED collected the audit conducted by NSE and the order passed by SEBI and ROC against KSBL and the forensic audit report of BDO India LLP. ED has searched in 2021 in nine places. आस साल, पराथसारथी आउर जी. Hari Krishna, the CFO was arrested and sent to judicial custody. The agency said that during the interrogation, the accused was taking a long walk.

The power of attorney was misused

According to the ED’s investigation, KSBL misused the power of attorney given by its customers and misused it illegally to collect debt. The shares of those customers, on whom there was no money owed to KSBL, were transferred to KSBL’s pool account and mortgaged to the banks by falsely declaring ownership. An ED official said, the shares were transferred from the customer’s accounts, for which KSBL’s sales team claimed that they had obtained the customer’s approval for stock borrowing over the phone or verbally, but there was no supporting documentary evidence. they were अपधधध कीअलबड़ीतोंतोंततअगअगनिवेशअगिमिमिमिम, समूह की कंपनियों कंपनियों में में में में में मेंकियकिय निवेश मेंकियनिवेश निवेश निवेश निवेशकियत थ निवेशकिय. As a result, the value of KSBL’s subsidiary companies increased. ED ne kaha, now the main accused is trying to sell the profits of these subsidiary businesses to get indirect benefits.

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