Delhi Police in action to nab Chinese Manjha sellers over 20 arrested

देजिली पुलीस ने राधिडि़ा में राधिद्धी है The police have arrested 20 people for allegedly selling Chinese drugs. Actually, a few days after a 30-year-old motorcyclist’s throat was slit by a kite on the Hyderpur flyover in North Western Delhi, police are conducting regular raids in some parts of Delhi.

DCP (Outer) Samir Sharma said on Saturday that his special team has registered 11 FIRs, 11 people have been arrested and 59 rolls of illegal Chinese food have been seized.

The police in southern Delhi is also conducting a special campaign to catch the sellers of banned Chinese manja. अब तक, अरेना साट लोगक को अर्ण की है है अवर अर्ण काबजे से कम से कम 95 rol चीनीज के वर्ण के वर्ण की है.

At the same time, the police raided a warehouse in North-West Delhi and arrested a person named Amarjeet, and here 11,760 rolls of plastic moth balls were recovered from 205 boxes.

DCP Usha Rangnani of Uttar-Pashchim Delhi said that Amarjit Manjha is a big businessman, who used to sell it to his customers using code word in the evening or night. During the police interrogation, he revealed that he had bought this manja from a dealer in Noida, who had received about 400 cartons of manja from Surat, Gujarat. On ने नेअमजीत के Aकेकेहवले से किकि किडील नेडील नेडील कीडीलप आपूपपपपतेमतेमतेमतेमतेमतेमतेमइसकइसकइसकतेमतेम. .कीकी कीइस………… .लिएलिएलिएलिएलिएलिएतिति

Four people have been arrested with 41 rolls of banned marijuana from the bank area of ​​Dwarka, Delhi.

In view of the increasing number of injuries caused by Chinese people, the Delhi Police launched a special campaign (from Thursday) to make people aware of the strict action against them, often during the end of July and the beginning of August. It started. पुलिस ककतिबंधिततिबंधित ‘मकंझतिबंधिततिबंधिततिबंधित’ ममंझकोतिबंधिततिबंधिततिबंधित को को को कोबेचने औऔऔ कोऔलोगोंलोगोंलोगोंलोगोंकोोतोतोतोतोतोतोतससससससससससोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतससससससससससोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतससससससससससोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतससससससससससोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतसससससससससोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतसससससससससोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतोतससससससससससोतोत

In 2017, the NGT banned the manufacture, storage and sale of Chinese manjha because it is not only harmful to birds and humans but also harmful to the environment.

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