China News new move to encircle Taiwan will do live fire exercise

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  • Taiwan को गेरेने के लीजे चिन ने चाली नाई चाल
  • will perform a ‘live fire exercise’
  • Taiwan is also ready to answer

China News: China has announced that it is doing military exercises on Saturday near Taiwan. China made this announcement after warning the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the American Congress (संसद) Nancy Pelosi to cancel her possible trip to Taiwan. China claims Taiwan as its own share. An official told the official news agency Xinhua that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) military unit of the ruling Communist Party is conducting a ‘live fire exercise’ in Fujian province from 8 am to 9 pm around Pingtan Island.

காற்றுக் கு க்குத்து में जाने से बैचार की अग्या दी है

इस तरह के विद्धाव्यास में अधित टोपोन का उच्चा होता है. However, China did not make it clear that missiles, fighter jets and other weapons could be used in the exercise on Saturday. The Chinese official said that the maritime security administration has warned the ships to avoid going to the area. Pelosi agar taiwan ki yatra karti haiin toh yah 1997 baad kisi kesi top American elected representative ki this island country ki 1st yatra hogi.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday in a phone conversation with his American counterpart Joe Biden that he would not tolerate any ‘foreign interference’ in China’s handling of Taiwan. China has no right to establish foreign relations with Taiwan. He said that he sees the American leader’s visit as a step to encourage the officialization of Taiwan’s almost independent status for decades.

Taiwan is also ready

The ongoing war between Русс аур україна ке бад се ис баат ки опшера ау тез хо гаі hai ки Чино пар таиван пар кабі бі хамала кар хай хай. The Chinese army has increased its activities against Taiwan in the past year. জাজা বাদাদা স্যান কানান ক্র্তিন ক্র্যান্য রান্য়া নেন है। वक्ट-वक्त पर अमेरिकी अच्चारी के तविवान तूरे पर भी चिन अपनी अग्रागी जाहीर करता है है. There are also reports, in which China said that it would put Taiwan in the main Chinese land through military force. This is the reason why Taiwan has begun to prepare for its own defense. அயை நியு பியாயாயாயா க்கு க்கு தியுக்க்கு பியை மாயை ரியை

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