Vastu Tips For Fitkari follow these alum or fitkari tips for happy money and property

Vastu Instructions For Fitkari


  • Importance of alum in Vastu Shastra
  • Good energy will come home using alum

Vastu is very important in Hinduism. According to Vastu Shastra, small to large objects in your home can be a source of great joy to you. Often the contents of the house are not stored according to Vastu, which is why evil forces reside in the house. Therefore, it is important to deal with any problems. In that case, the alum can help to remove Vastu’s flaws and negative influences.

Vastu defect Alum can help solve the problems associated with it. According to astrologers, if the alum is placed in the right and proper way, then along with the removal of Vastu Dosha, good energy can be indoors. Learn about Vastu’s alum-related techniques.

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of construction errors

To get rid of Vastu flaws, take 50 grams of alum in a bowl and place it in the corner of your house or office, where no one else can see it immediately. With this, you will eliminate the problems caused by various Vastu errors. Keep in mind that if the alum type changes after a few days, then remove and store the new alum.

to evil forces
If there is no peace due to the evil forces in the house, then keep an alum bowl full in the bathroom of the house. Change color after a few days. With this, there can be a place of peace and tranquility in your home.

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Vastu Instructions For Fitkari

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Vastu Instructions For Fitkari

of development
If you want to add wealth and prosperity along with happiness and peace in the house, then wrap a little alum in black cloth and place it in every corner of the house.

debt relief
To get rid of debt, keep 5 pieces of alum and 5 blue flowers in a dark cloth and keep it in a bag.

Business and career advancement
Even with all your efforts, if you are not progressing in business and business, then you can tie a little alum in black cloth and hang it on the big door.

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