Aaj Ka Panchang 1 February 2022: Know Tuesday’s Panchang, Shubh Muhurta and Rahukal – Aaj Ka Panchang 1 February 2022 Know Tuesday Panchang Shubh Muhurta Rahukal

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Aaj Ka Panchang 1 February

Today the high day of Magha Krishna Paksha and Amavasya is Tuesday. Vavasya Tithi will be available until 11.15 pm today. Shravan Nakshatra will remain until 7.44 pm today. Meet Tuesday Panchang, Shubh Muhurta and Rahukal from Acharya Indu Prakash.

good time

the day of the new moon – until 11.15 pm early this afternoon

Shravan Nakshatra – Today until 7:44 pm

Today Rahukaal

Delhi– 03:17 pm to 04:39 pm
Mumbai- 03:42 PM to 05:07 PM
Chandigarh– from 03:17 pm to 04:38 pm
Lucknow– 03:04 pm to 04:26 pm
Bhopal– 15:20 pm to 04:44 pm
Kolkata– 02:38 pm to 04:01 pm
Ahmedabad– 03:40 pm to 05:03 pm
Chenai– from 03:16 pm to 04:43 pm

Sunrise Enter

sunrise – 7:08 p.m.
sunset – 05:59 pm

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