A bird lover from Poland writes about oriental dwarf kingfisher in Anamalai Hills

The oriental dwarf kingfisher was initially recorded within the Anamalai Hills within the Western Ghats.

“At first, I could perhaps not think my eyes,” recalls bird-loving Pravin Shanmughanandam. He gazed within magnificent bird perched on tree in Anamalai Mountains nearby the Pollachi Mountains, situated on the foothills associated with the Western Ghats, known as among the world’s important places.

“It had been later. First, we saw a blue Tickell fly. Once the flies shot to popularity, this breathtaking bird arrived on the scene facing me. I happened to be not sure to go on it because my digital camera was in the trunk. Luckily, the bird kept going, dropping its mind and searching for prey, perhaps crabs, lizards, or small fish. ”

He had been an oriental dwarf kingfisher, a well liked of birdwatchers just like the ‘Jewel of the Western Ghats’, and ended up being a great deal admired because of its bright and gorgeous look. Pravin, co-founder of Pollachi Papyrus, states: “One regarding the tiniest red, blue, blue, and yellow birds in the Indian subcontinent additionally the southern hemisphere ‘tomorrow for Asia. .

Although the Konkan Coast over the Western Ghats is a protected area for wildlife (in which birdwatchers run throughout the monsoon season to photograph pairs throughout the reproduction period), Pravin ended up being astonished to see them on the side of the woodland reserve, as well as near human being occasions. . These were two, busy searching. I just saw some before it disappeared in to the forest. I became capable get a couple of photos of one of this guys, “he adds.

Their view marks initial biological reputation for the Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR) while the first photographic history in Anamalais, which covers major web sites including Nelliampathy, Eravikulam, Parambikulam and Vazhachal in Kerala.

The Anamalai Mountains are home to large mammals including Asian elephants, tigers, tigers, and jeopardized species such as crazy dogs, Nilgiri tahr, and lion macaques. It’s also home to 18 species of birds based in the Western Ghats. Peter Prem, a biologist at ATR Tiger Reserve, has observed that more than 300 types of birds have now been identified in five forested areas addressing 954 sq km of forest.

The most recent addition towards the list may be the oriental dwarf kingfisher, also known as the three-toed kingfisher, black-backed kingfisher, or miniature kingfisher. “This is great news for nature enthusiasts. Researchers say it comes down as a shock because ATR is home to numerous habitats such as for instance thorns, dry and wet, riverine woodlands, tropical rain forests and shola-grassland. Human-made facilities particularly solitary plantations and big reservoirs are home to a number of wild birds, ”says Pravin.

The bird is somewhat bigger than the average hummingbird and measures 12.5 to 14 ins (including the bill and tail). They play a major role in choosing their place of residence. Often, these areas are situated where there clearly was enough food. “The literature in this area is quite clear and needs plenty of conservation,” claims Pravin.

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