Pulao veg pulao kashmiri pulao shahi pulao matar pulao paneer pulao in Hindi neer

Veg Pulao – Pulao can be used in vegetarian and vegetarian food diets. Traditionally, just veg pulao is manufactured indoors. They are very easy to make and taste amazing.
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Paneer Pulao – Paneer Pulao is very popular with adults and kiddies within the home. Cheese is employed mainly in the manufacture. Paneer greatly improves the style of plao.
tawa pulao

Tawa Pulao – No cook or pan needed to make Tawa Pulao. These plow varieties are ready on tawa. You can easily make and looks really sweet.
kashmiri pulao

Kashmiri Pulao – The individuality of Kashmiri Pulao is that numerous fruits are employed into the manufacturing. This powder comes with good health benefits. They are made for weddings and parties.
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Matar Pulao – The secret title of Matar Pulao suggests that peas are used in it. The style of plao prepared from fresh peas into the winter is amazing.
shahi pulao

Shahi Pulao – especially dried dried out cashews, almonds, saffron are acclimatized to make Shahi Pulao. Additionally, spices are put into this casserole, helping to make its flavor distinctive.

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