diamond is auspicious or inauspicious for rashi heera kiske liye shubh aur kiske liye ashub

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Diamond is considered the best in gemology. The master of gemstones, diamonds, constantly has a question. There is a desire to wear a diamond in everybody’s mind. In astrology, diamonds are said to offer joy and wealth plus give Aishwarya.

Based on astrologers, diamond could be the gem regarding the earth Venus while the earth Venus is a planet that gives delight, wealth, and luxury. If that’s the case, wearing a diamond that reinforces Venus isn’t for everyone. Diamond greatly benefits individuals of some zodiac signs and harms others.

Tell us about the zodiac indication that will be befitting the person wearing the diamond and whom should avoid putting on the diamond.


In the event that you are part of Aries and Venus then master regarding the second or 7th period of your horoscope, you need to avoid diamonds. Putting on a diamond would not be good for you.

Taurus people should wear diamonds. As you can see, this is a good diamond sign because the master of Taurus is Venus. The people inside celebrity advantage greatly from putting on diamonds.

Diamond is also best for people of the Gemini indication because Venus is within the 12th element of this zodiac. In the event that folks of the Gemini zodiac use diamonds, then their intelligence becomes razor-sharp.

Venus is the owner of houses 4 and 11 in the sign of Cancer as well as in this sense, the individuals of the zodiac should wear diamonds only if Venus is in Mahadasha. Apart from this, individuals cannot wear diamonds.

Diamond is not beneficial to Leo zodiac people. Venus is the master for the 3rd and tenth components within zodiac and such individuals lose their jobs and business by putting on diamonds.

Venus may be the master of the second and ninth stages in Virgo. Such people could have no issue using diamonds. If these folks wear diamonds, then Venus sitting in their zodiac are going to be stronger and certainly will provide greater results.

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Diamonds are very very theraputic for the folks of Libra because in Libra, Venus is called the father associated with cyclists meaning the very first destination. Such people can wear diamonds the sleep of the life, constantly being blessed with diamonds.

In Scorpio, their state of Venus is reported to be the father associated with the seventh and 12th household and once more, the father of this zodiac is Mars. Because of the enmity between Mars and Venus, Diamond is having a devastating influence on the people of the star. These folks must not wear diamonds.

Diamonds also usually do not give good results towards folks of Sagittarius, because here Venus is considered the master regarding the sixth and 11th century. If such individuals wear diamonds, then there are lots of financial and health issues.

Diamond is effective towards people of Capricorn because Venus happens to be said to be the master of 5th and tenth component. If they wear diamonds, then there is certainly value in lots of of life’s difficulties.

Venus lives in Aquarius since the master of the 4th and ninth stages and for that reason is excellent for the folks of this zodiac. Such people should wear a diamond if you find a Mahadasha of Venus. By this possibility you may become more powerful and richer.

Jupiter is the lord of Pisces. Brihaspati may be the supreme deity and Venus may be the demon. For the reason that sense, there’s a lot of animosity between your two and diamonds do not offer accomplishment to the folks of Pisces.

Disclaimer – this informative article is based on basic information and proverbs. Asia TV cannot guarantee its authenticity, before wearing any gemstone, consult a specialist from the appropriate field.

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