Renowned terrorist and worldwide Taekwondo player Ajay Gurjar, a world-class terrorist, was arrested

Police from Special Cell of Delhi have actually arrested numerous notorious terrorists and international Taekwondo player Ajay Gurjar, also known as Bhai Ji, on fees of communicating using the folks of Mumbai. He’s more than 24 fees against him, including murder and kidnapping. Ajay Gurjar has a very good relationship using the four dead criminals Hafiz Baloch, Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar, Subhash Thakur and Arif Jaan in Mumbai for 11 years.

DCP (Special Cell) Jasmeet Singh stated Ajay Gurjar was already arrested in Delhi, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan and Mumbai for more than 24 terrorists including murder, tried murder, kidnapping, assault, riots, terrorist assaults, Arms Act etc. Ajay Gurjar and a Satender named Satte plotted to injure the Tihar jail chief to return him to Ankit Gurjar jail. During the time of arrest, a .30 semi-automatic rifle with 5 real time cartridges ended up being restored from defendant Ajay Gurjar.

He announced that Ajay Gurjar (41) from Tumsara in Palwal region in Haryana is the world-class Taekwondo blacksmith and contains won eight gold medals at nationwide degree in Taekwondo. He also won a Silver Medal in International Taekwondo Competition held in Bhutan in 2003 and finished fifth at International Open Challenge occasion in Mumbai in 2005.

A particular Cell ended up being arrested regarding the night of January 6 near Bus stay Badarpur on Mathura path in Delhi. He is at this time wanted on Special Cell trial in Delhi and it has been busy for four months. In a reported case, Special Cell arrested Ajay Gurjar’s colleague Satendra, Satte, in August 2021, but Ajay Gurjar secretly visited prison.

It was the actual situation in a criminal world

Ajay Gurjar is an extremely frustrated man. As a result of his unusual character, he suddenly became embroiled in a heated argument over minor issues. In 2004, he stabbed a guy in battle. He had been later on sent to prison. After their launch, he joined the ranks associated with insurgents and began firing regarding full of the community. He’s currently a dangerous and well-known criminal in Delhi-NCR. He’s been convicted of more than a dozen crimes including murder, tried murder, kidnapping, attack, riots, criminal threats, Arms Act yet others in Delhi, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan and Maharashtra in the last 15 years. He is associated with more than 10 situations. Ajay Gurjar committed fraud in Haryana and Rajasthan and had been wanted on fees between 2008 and 2010.

Include relationships along with his brother-in-law Dawood Chhota Shakeel

Ajay Gurjar JP’s cousin, who’s through the globe. Gurjar delivered him to Hafiz Baloch, a notorious Mumbai terrorist. It really is worth noting that Hafiz Baloch and his associates shot and killed Zubair Patel alias Katya Don in 2008. After the assassination Hafiz Baloch left Mumbai and lived inside your home of Ajay Gurjar and his relative JP Gurjar. After a few reasons, Ajay Gurjar additionally relocated to Mumbai and settled in the home of Hafiz Baloch.

Ajay Gurjar ended up being profoundly moved by the high life of Hafiz Baloch as well as other worldwide terrorists. They begun to live their life. Since then, Ajay Gurjar has already established strong underground relationships with four world-renowned terrorists Hafiz Baloch, Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar, Subhash Thakur and Arif Jan (Chhota Shakeel’s brother-in-law) in Mumbai. Ajay Gurjar had been nicknamed Bhai Ji and Hafiz Baloch and began working with him.

It absolutely was Hafiz Baloch whom introduced Ajay Gurjar to their Dawood cousin Ibrahim Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar this year. The following 12 months, Ajay Gurjar became proven to Arif Jan, their brother-in-law Chhota Shakeel, and Hafiz Baloch. Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar also introduced Ajay Gurjar to a different well-known musical organization from UP and Mumbai, Subhash Thakur. Ajay Gurjar has regular links with additional than four Mumbai terrorists before 2018, when he ended up being arrested by Haryana Police on above charges.

They were mixed up in past gangs

Ajay Gurjar revealed he stayed an associate regarding the notorious terrorists Subhash Thakur and Hafiz Baloch, whom killed a number of his competitors in Mumbai throughout the guerrilla warfare, but Subhash Thakur would not name Ajay in cases. . Ajay Gurjar and his associates, including Subhash Thakur, demanded the release of a large amount of cash from a-listers including organizations, medical practioners, counselors, two previous Haryana ministers and their loved ones in Haryana and Rajasthan between 2008 and 2018.

Authorities have also appealed for bribes

Not just that, Ajay Gurjar shot dead Shivcharan Lal Sharma, a nephew of former ministers Haryana Karan Singh Dalal and Chandi Ram Gupta, a Palwal MP, the 2012 robbery. names like Subhash Thakur or Hafiz Baloch anyhow to save lots of him. Ajay Gurjar premiered from prison about 10 months ago. He revealed that Subhash Thakur had additionally asked him to invest their money on an evergrowing business within the Palwal area before their arrest in 2018. Ajay Gurjar, with the help of his accomplices, committed a few heinous and lethal crimes in four states of Haryana, Rajasthan, UP and Maharashtra.

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