Trains received Rs 500 crore from Tatkal, the greatest Tatkal seats in 2020-21. Throughout the 2020-21 pandemic, Railways received over Rs 500 crore from Tatkal, the highest compensated Tatkal tickets.


Railways receive Rs 500 crore from Tatkal, top Tatkal tickets in 2020-21


  • The ‘Dynamic’ system in rail may be the method by which high prices are based on need.
  • Railways gets Rs 403 crore through the Tatkal admission fee in 2020-21
  • The hit comes just one single month after a railway parliamentary committee

Indian Railways: Railways business received Rs 403 crore for tatkal ticket rates, an additional Rs 119 crore from premium tatkal tickets and Rs 511 crore from ‘dynamic’ rates in 2020-2021, even though many of its operations had been suspended for a long time because of the coronavirus epidemic . . This information is acquired from directly to Ideas (RTI). The ‘Dynamic’ system in Railways is the way in which high costs are predicated on need. This payment technique works on trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto train channels. These three categories of tourists usually are last-minute people whom understand this by having to pay their fare.

Responding to an RTI given by Chandrashekhar Gaur, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, rail It also reported it received Rs 240 crore from “dynamic” prices, Rs 353 crore from tatkal seats and Rs 89 crore from tatkal costs for the monetary year 2021-22 until September. Inside 2019-2020 monetary year, whenever there have been no restrictions on train travel, Railways received Rs 1,313 crore from “strong” prices, Rs 1,669 crore from Tatkal tickets and Rs 603 crore through the initial Tatkal seats.

Ministry of Railways The figure comes just one month after a parliamentary committee on railways commented. The committee, in its statement, said that the costs charged for Tatkal seats were “unreasonable” and in specific put much burden on passengers with economic dilemmas and had to go Tatkal to visit their own families and family members. . The committee desired the Ministry to do this on a cost commensurate because of the distance traveled.

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