The Bajaj is coming to leave Ola and Hero behind 5 lakh electric scooters made each year

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The Bajaj is coming to replace Ola and Hero, 5 lakh electric scooters is supposed to be manufactured annually in 300 crore plants.


  • A vintage company like Bajaj is kept far behind into the battle the electric scooter.
  • Bajaj Auto Limited is starting an electric car factory in Pune at a cost of 300 crores
  • About 5 lakh electric cars are manufactured every year within factory.

Mumbai. The market for electric scooters inside country is growing faster than in the past. Meanwhile, leaving behind old businesses like Hero Electrical, the business starting Ola appears to be succeeding using its S1 scooter. Into the competition the electric scooter, a vintage company like Bajaj was left behind.

At the same time, Bajaj, which has launched its very first Chetak electric scooter, is planning. Bajaj Auto Limited has established the launch for the Pune Automotive mechanic shop at 300 crores. Around 5 lakh electric cars are manufactured annually in this factory. The plant is likely to be created in Akurdi near Pune. This is actually the same spot in which Bajaj’s Chetak scooter is created.

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According to Bajaj Auto, the electric carpark to be integrated Pune is likely to be extremely special. It’ll be designed with state-of-the-art robotic machines and self-made. In this manner, all activities including logistics and administration, manufacturing and painting, collection and quality assurance depends on factory. The plant will likely to be spread over five lakh lakhs and can offer work for approximately 800 workers. Construction work with your website is anticipated to start by June 2022.

A symbol based on the title Freerider

Bajaj Auto’s next electric scooter will come available under the name Freerider. India has requested a fresh brand ‘Freerider’, in line with the Patent Design and Trademark internet site regarding the Ministry of Trade and business. The business applied for the mark on March 1, 2021, plus it had been approved as soon as June 21. The organization would not determine whether or not the brand new title must be provided to the bike or scooter.

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