Coonoor’s Cafe Diem presents a series of seven lessons

Cooked feta, roasted red peppers, and roasted olives offered by focaccio, pita bags make an awesome mezze meal which is element of a seven-course festive celebration at Cafe Diem, a vegetarian restaurant in Coonoor. The dish has also a variety of dips including dip dip spinach, and sun-dried tomato made with the local presence. nut tomatoes, and cous cous salads and mint tabouleh and more. “We changed our existing list with suggestions to offer something unique,” states Radhika Sastry, owner of Cafe Diem. Although ingredients such as for instance asparagus and water chestnuts derive from Bengaluru, other people like artichokes, spinach, and beans. mocha kottai what is sown in your area has additionally been used generously.

Going native

On a hot dish, we made falafels with three kinds of beans. Our tarts are popular, so we included caramelized onions and artichoke tarts on menu. There are mushrooms covered in spinach and cheddar. We were also impressed by the green and red xmas carols.

In the center of the soup, together with your favorite coconut soup, there was a wavelvety mushroom soup, asparagus and mint seeds of our choice. “we have additionally added two green and red salads. Fry cheese balls made from goat cheese are dipped in a Mediterranean and Sumac salad and topped with essential olive oil. An orange, chestnut juice salad is served with orange juice and dressing with mustard.”

Pizza or pasta?

Fresh figs, goat cheese and arugula, honey combined with chilli oil on a thin layer of pizza.

Fresh figs, goat cheese and arugula, honey combined with chilli oil on a thin layer of pizza base | Photo Credit: Special Plans

For a big dinner, eater can select pizza (which includes spices such as sun-dried tomato, Parmesan, yellowish cheddar and mascarpone) or pasta as a ravioli for smearing goat in saffron sauce. “We roll-up the pasta in the house and prevent using ingredients from the container. Although we’re making brand new ones, some of the old ones like pomegranate cake are still there.”

Christmas decorations at Cafe Diem

The cafe is available from 11am to 6pm. Saturday and Sunday, supper from 7pm. Celebration menu is available from December 24 to January 2. Login only at booking. To find out more, call 9663849639/9845001111.

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