Whale Shark dies after being caught in a fishing internet near Veerampattinam

The 15-foot-long, extinct types, detailed under Schedule I associated with Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, weighed about quite a bit.

A 15-foot whale shark (the largest non-mammalian animal worldwide) that died after being caught in a fishing net off the shores of Puducherry had been brought to Thengaithittu harbor on Tuesday. Forest Department officials said a small grouping of fishermen, led by Saravanan, in the coastline of Veerampattinam, turned off their ships off the coast near Veerampattinam on Monday when they heard hauling within their nets.

They attempted to break the nets to free the whale shark, but their efforts were in vain. The fishermen, by using other boats, dragged the giant beast towards port of Thengaithittu. By the time the health practitioners arrived, but the pet had died.

Whale shark species, that are regarding verge of extinction, detailed under Schedule we of this Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, weighed about a ton. The animal feeds on filters and primarily feeds on plankton and small seafood.

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