How to Make a Baby Sleep in Winter in Hindi

How to Make a Baby Sleep in Winter: In winter, if your baby wakes up frequently at night and starts to cry, then it is very likely that you will experience anxiety as well as the baby. In fact, in winter, children must make a special effort to fall asleep. If they have a little sleep problem or if their sleeping habits have changed, then they may get sick. Not only that, sometimes due to stomach aches, body aches, diarrhea or wet diapers and so on, she wakes up repeatedly and starts to cry. As a result, his sleep is disturbed.

Due to sleep deprivation at night, children are uncomfortable day and night and are irritable. In that case, it is important for them to get a good night’s sleep. If your baby also wakes up all night these days and cries a lot, then here are some simple tips, based on what you can give your baby a good night’s sleep in the winter.

make children sleep like this in winter

1. Continue to Keep Time

Instead of keeping your children awake for a long time, it may be better to put them to bed at the right time. Give them warm milk before bed to fill their stomachs. If the baby stays awake during the cold season, it will feel colder too.

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2. It is important to fill the stomach during sleep

If the baby’s stomach is full at night, then he will get enough sleep. In that case, remember that the baby’s abdomen should be filled before bedtime. Make sure you irritate the baby after feeding, otherwise he may have acidity and vomit at night.

3.Keep Room Temperature

Avoid sleeping with small children in very cold or very hot places. If the temperature is too high at night, then the baby also feels uncomfortable and may be sweating.

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4. Avoid Overconfidence

Many parents keep small children in large blankets and blankets, as a result of which they begin to sweat and then develop an allergy to the skin. As a result, they feel uncomfortable and cry at night.

5. Essential Massage

Be sure to massage the baby with oil before bed. By doing this, the baby can sleep better at night. Remember not to use oily oils or fragrances. With massage, pain in the feet, hands etc. of the child is removed and feels comfortable.(Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is based on fact. Hindi news18 does not prove this. Please consult the relevant expert before using this.)

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