Reduce Omicron attack

The next step is to vaccinate all people, including children, and provide additional treatment

After the second major COVID-19 wave triggered by the Delta brand, India has been at risk. This is the much-anticipated break that allows for more relaxation of social media and reopens all schools of education. While these are being used in different countries, India is now facing the threat of Omicron waves. Some experts seem to believe that there will be no more waves as Omicron diversity does not cause serious illness in some countries. We cannot predict whether Omicron’s massive distribution could cause waves. For four months there was a continuous spread of the Delta species before it appeared as a second wave of disease. Omicron will take a short time as it spreads rapidly. We did not limit Delta’s movement with vaccines; we need to use the vaccine now to stop another wave. The risk of infection may be minimal but not zero.

The booster dose story

Our best defense against Omicron is to strengthen the human immune system with vaccines. Omicron tends to avoid immunity due to disease or two doses of vaccine. But the evasion is minimal. The rise in antibodies makes for adequate protection. A recent cross-cutting report showed that convalescent waxes had damaged Omicron, even though they had low titers. Vaccination shot raises antibodies significantly more than those caused by disease or two doses of vaccine. This is why many countries offer inspiring jabs. Our belief is that all people should be vaccinated with two doses, including children (as Omicron causes more infections in children than in Delta), with an increased dose given to those who had their second dose six months or more.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Everyone agrees that Omicron is spreading faster than Delta. This should be viewed against the background of the general immune system in humans. The real problem of Omicron in people who are not immune will be known in due course. Should we think against the booster dose now? Do we not know that extra levels will be needed tomorrow, if not today? So, why not give it a try as soon as we know how safe it will be to put in the effort?

All those who follow the proper COVID-19 regimen and are safe will not be protected from Omicron disease. Diabetes mellitus; cancer patients; patients with autoimmune diseases, chronic heart disease, kidney or liver disease; who paralyzed them; and those aged 60+ who have an autoimmune disorder are at higher risk of developing the disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a third level of protection for them. With the exception of these groups of people, HIV-positive health workers are the most needed. However, anyone who has taken two doses will need encouragement soon. If we wait for evidence of the high prevalence of the disease and the hospitalization of Omicron, we may be too late to prevent these episodes and an easy way to provide encouragement.

We know that overdose of recipients of dosage is very common with Omicron. They will be like links in a chain of transmission. We need to slow down the spread of the virus and this can only be achieved by increasing the number of people who are vaccinated.

Is there any evidence that extra weight protects us? Studies show that 70% of people who do not have an immune system show a rapid increase in the reduction of antibody titers by increasing the dose. The increased dose of mRNA vaccine effectively protects against Omicron-induced disease. Does the vaccine in India support adequate protection against COVID-19? We should assume that they do, but we should also look into this to make sure. All these efforts should go hand in hand. It is an approved component in a vaccine that strengthens the immune system more frequently and more effectively. To combat Omicron, which is highly contagious and has a tendency to avoid low security, we need to take action now. Waiting for evidence is unwise – while waiting for evidence, we have to provide more.

A second argument against the Incentive Level is that India should share its vaccine with countries where the vaccination program is declining rather than giving jabs to its citizens. The government has a great responsibility to the people of India. And India is doing all it can to meet its needs in low-income countries – more than most developed countries.

Some argue that a two-dose vaccination program for all eligible people will suffer if an additional dose is given. The two goals are not mutually exclusive. An additional dose should be given after 6 months after the second dose. There is no reason why a two-dose program and a promotional program may not be compatible, especially since vaccination is effective.

In responding to challenges, decisions need to be made promptly, honestly, in good faith. Waiting for solid evidence to emerge before taking action or acting hastily, wrong decisions may involve cost. Preview shows the middle ground. WHO is reluctant to advise clinicians here because its function is to promote vaccine equality. We must rely on our integrity to be able to meet our recent needs and the effective distribution of other countries.

The body’s immune system ranges from protection against serious illness and death, from even the smallest disease to the prevention of disease itself. When we think about national health, our humanity wants us to protect people who are at risk of serious illness and death. Delaying the spread of viruses and preventing asymptomatic infections are essential. This is the reason for the booster dose.

On child vaccination

It is important that we vaccinate children, who have already returned to school, as protection in Omicron. Experiences in some countries warn us that vulnerable children can become infected with the virus that causes school disruption and spread the disease in the family. Even children with asymptomatic infections carry the virus at home. Furthermore, if we vaccinate children in a well-planned school immunization program, we will reduce the incidence of “virus reservoir” in the non-vaccinated population. We need to urgently follow the approved procedures for the Emergency Use of Children. This will complement the next section of the Group Vaccination Expert Advisory Team’s recommendation. One vaccine manufacturer has developed a nasal vaccine in India. The key is here. Therefore, its monitoring by the regulatory body should be monitored promptly in the event of an emergency.

How do we ensure that those who are not immune receive an extra dose? It is time for the EUA-approved vaccine to be approved as soon as possible. This will help doctors assess the risk of each patient and advise them – thus ensuring that those who need booster jabs find them quickly.

We can be right in thinking that Omicron is harmless. But we could also be in debt and the price we pay there can be high. On the contrary, if we think it is dangerous and do everything carefully even before the evidence is clear on the true picture of Omicron’s actions, people can go back to the long-term pre-COVID.

T. Jacob John is a retired Professor of Clinical Virology, CMC Vellore, and MS Seshadri is the Medical Director of Thirumalai Mission Hospital, Ranipet, Tamil Nadu.

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