Not the favorite pizza-burger of Indians samosa favorite candy 2021 gulab jamun

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At the same time, the most popular Indians were samosa


  • At the same time Biryani was the first of the most popular dishes.
  • According to a Swiggy report, the company received 115 Biryani orders per minute this year.

Jab Tak Rahega Samosa Mein Aloo … You must have heard this song in this film and it is certainly natural for every Indian to drink water after hearing the name samosa. This is the pride of our country, you can try outdoor snacks and dishes every day, but no one can beat samosas. This year too, samosa is still ranked number 1 on the list of favorite snakes in India. In a report by online food delivery company Swiggy, it has been revealed that this year the Indians imported more samosas as snacks.

Swiggy’s 2021 report states that this time around, Biryani was also the first of the most popular food brands and Gulab Jamun did not allow anyone to survive in that flavor.

According to a Swiggy report, the company received 115 orders for Biryani every minute this year, mouth watering is not our favorite and the event is hosted by Gulab Jamun. The largest number of Gulab Jamun orders was received in Meethi and the name Ras Malai became number two.

According to Swiggy’s 6th Annual Statistics Report, potato samosa is on the list of snacks in 2021. After samosa in snakes, the favorite of the Indian people was Pavbhaji. This year 21 lakhs of Pav Bhaji were hosted on the Swiggy program.

what did you eat after 10 o’clock?

Swiggy’s report states that after 10 a.m., high-end plans came with garlic bread. Higher orders for Cheese Garlic Bread overnight were received after 10 PM at Cheese Garlic Bread, Popcorn and French Fries. In terms of time, the number of people who delivered orders was between 7pm to 9pm and this time was very busy for the company.

They also came to buy fruit and vegetables

Not just food in India and ordering vegetables online. He completed sending 28 million fruits and vegetables in 2021 via Instamart. On the other hand, tomatoes, bananas, onions, potatoes and green peppers were the main importers.

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