Israeli forces kill Palestine after trying to drive a car | Palestinians join the army, and Israeli soldiers shoot

Israeli soldiers opened fire on a Palestinian man, killing him.


  • No Israeli soldier was injured in Tuesday’s incident.
  • Israeli soldiers shot the man’s car, killing him.
  • In the fighting on December 13, the military again shot dead a Palestinian man.

Ramallah: On Tuesday, an ordinary Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli soldiers while trying to drive his car to a military base in the West Bank. Giving details of the incident, military officials said no one was injured in the incident. According to Palestinian media reports, Israeli soldiers shot the man’s car, killing him. Reports say his car crashed into a military vehicle and caught fire near the town of Jenin in the north West Bank.

No injuries were reported in Israeli forces

killed Palestine the identity was not revealed, and Israel There were no reports of any injuries to either group. Earlier, Israeli security forces shot dead a Palestinian man during the December 13 war in the West Bank city of Nablus. The deceased was identified as 31-year-old Jameel Kayyal and was shot in the head. Israeli media reported that border police, with the help of the military, stormed the city of Nablus to arrest a wanted Palestinian man, and the clashes erupted when a Palestinian militant group detonated security equipment.

Last Thursday a Palestinian killed a Jew
Tuesday’s incident comes just days after Israeli-Palestinian violence in the West Bank over the weekend. The violence took place last Thursday evening when a Palestinian terrorist shot and killed a Jew. A Palestinian soldier shot a car full of Jewish schoolchildren near a West Bank lounge Thursday night, killing an Israeli man, Yehuda Dementman, and injuring two others. Violence erupted after the death of Judah Dementman, in which at least three Palestinians were injured.

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