Flashback 2021 See food lovers see a combination of the amazing and ugly food of 2021

Everyone tries their own food and drink at a different time. For example, many people like to eat jelly and milk, curd or rabri. Immediately, Maggi’s lovers eat Maggi with tea or coffee. It’s common to eat two things at once, but this year, some 2021 ingredients are just that, which is no less than a nightmare. The strange, unhealthy food that is happening on TV has remained in the news not because of their taste but because of the “dead” combo. Throughout the year, memes continued to be made on exotic food.

Jalebi Chaat
Just by listening to the Jalebi Chaat dish, you will hear what food crisis came into the world, which had to be solved by the Jalebi Chaat? Seeing the Jalebi Chaat plate, both chat lovers and jalebi lovers were deeply disappointed.

Maggi Ladu
When you hear Maggi Laddu’s name, you will start to hate Maggi’s name. This year Instagram’s “bloggers” tried hard and served Maggi laddus in the name of various laddus.

detox is
For South Indian Food lovers, Detox Idli was just a dream. In an effort to stem the tide of badness and to indulge in detox in the name of healthy eating, food lovers did not laugh but became angry.

oreo dumplings
The Oreo dumplings video on YouTube created a lot of panic. The video taught pakodas lovers to hate pakodas. It was very ‘painful’ for anyone to see Oreo biscuits dipped in gram powder and coded.

Maggi Milkshake
In the name of the test, if any food has been severely abused, it is Maggi. There is no doubt that Maggi’s lovers began to vomit as soon as they heard Maggi Milkshake’s name.

mirinda golgappe
You may have eaten golgappa decorations in restaurants and wedding parties but have you tried Mirinda golgappas? If not, then do not even consider trying, because the one who tasted Mirinda Golgappas, everyone has done evil with heart.

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