I felt like I was being thrown under the bus: Ashwin remembers Shastri’s words that crushed him

“I have a lot of respect for Ravi Bhai. We all do. And I understand that we can all say things and then bring them back. At the time, I was devastated.”

Indian Prime Minister R. Ashwin has revealed that he feels “thrown under the bus” after remarks made by former head coach Ravi Shastri left him “heartbroken” during a difficult time in his career as he contemplates retirement several times. .

In an interview with ‘ESPNcricinfo’, Ashwin was asked how he felt when his coach Shastri anointed Kuldeep Yadav as the spinner of India No.

Ashwin said he was very happy for Kuldeep because he knew how difficult it was to take five wickets as a twist in Australia but what Shastri said left him “heartbroken”.

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“I have a lot of respect for Ravi Bhai. We all do. And I understand that we can all say things and get rid of them. At that moment, I felt broken. I was so broken,” Ashwin said.

“We all talk about how important it is to enjoy the success of your teammates. And I was happy for Kuldeep. I didn’t get five but he has five in Australia. I know his size. Even though I threw the ball well (sometimes), I didn’t get five forks. so I am very happy for him, and it is a very exciting time to win in Australia.

“But if I have to come and share his joy, and the success of the team, I have to feel like I belong there. If I feel like I’m being thrown under a bus, how should I get up and come. A party to celebrate the victory of a team or a friend?” Ashwin, however, still attended a party organized to follow the Indian team’s history of winning the Under Under.

“I went back to my room and talked to my wife. And my kids were there. So we could, you know, get rid of it, and I still went to the party, because, at the end of the day. We won a big list.” The 35-year-old said a recurring injury meant he was playing under “severe pain” as he took three wickets in each innings to lead India to victory in the first round.

Shastri’s comments were most positive for Ashwin after he participated in the team’s victory in the opening game.

“The first test seemed unforgettable at the time. I took three of the first four wickets in the first innings when we were released cheaply, and when it got to the final whistle, I pulled out 50- plus overs and took three wickets despite being torn in the abdomen.

“In my mind, I had done very well for the team in excruciating pain, but all I could hear was,” Nathan Lyon took six, Ashwin took three. “

“As it stands, I was so frustrated with my body for knocking me down when I was in such a good bowling alignment. The last thing I needed was these comparisons and fantasy. Among the things he did with Sydney, it didn’t feel like I was playing. Anything,” Ashwin said.

Ashwin has been a major supporter in India at home and abroad for long distance sports.

The footballer has so far taken 427 Test wickets, making him the third highest wicket-taker in the country after Anil Kumble and Kapil Dev in red.

But there was a period between 2018 and 2020 when he almost stopped playing.

“Between 2018 and 2020, I decided to quit the game at various times. I thought, ‘I’ve tried very hard, but it’s not possible.’ “The harder I tried, the more I started to feel. Especially with athletic pubalgia and patellar tendonitis – I like playing six balls and then I have to breathe. And there will be pain everywhere.

“So you had to change. When the knee pain got worse, the next ball would jump a little bit. When I jumped a little bit, obviously the force had to be made through the ankle and back and shoulders, so pubalgia (stomach ulcers) can react.

“So the third ball I would have been extra on the sidelines to try and use the waist. By the time I finished with six balls, I’d be like, ‘I want to rest here’,” Ashwin recalled.

He also noted that injuries that occur in the outside world are often ridiculed by spectators, a concept that reflects a lack of compassion in cricket teams.

“Only if it affects them is when they are sad. Grief is able to put yourself in the shoes of others, and feel, ‘Hey what if it happens to me?’ I feel like a cricket team, we need it, “he lamented.

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