Looking at the redesigned Q5 design

Despite changes in the interior and exterior of the car, things have not changed much

Audi has brought Q5 back to its Indian list. The SUV that comes to our side is the front-facing version that brings a more sleek design and flexibility compared to the old SUV. Great change even under the bonnet. While the old Q5 came with the advantage of Audi smooth and refined diesel engine, the Q5 now has only petrol. So should it still be on your list?

From the outside, the changes are minimal and very clear. You will find new designs for LED lights and tail lights, a wide, smooth grille, now octagonal with curved metal slats, a metal line between the tail lights, new bumps, and a silver trim under the doors. He has also increased the size of the wheel from 18 to 19 inches, depending on the segment, but its design is simple. Overall, the change is not great, and this remains a sharp, clean, though, well-known SUV.

Inside, the adjustments are minimal, with just one visible and moving transition from 8.3-inch to 10.1-inch infotainment, touchscreen, and MMI software for the new generation Audi. With a clean UI that is smooth and unlike the expensive Audis, you still get AC physical controls, which are welcome. Virtual Cockpit digital dials are also customizable, with clear graphics and lightweight graphics.

It also looks like a high-end SUV, with a long rear seat and a large 550-liter shoe. I just wish they had added USB ports to back up too; what you get is a 12V socket. The house now uses a black piano instead of the usual wooden piano, and the list also enhances Bang & Olufsen’s 19-tone voice on high-tech equipment. It was always well-prepared, and coming back this time is charging wireless phones, solar roof, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, park assist, adaptive dampers and 8 airbags.

Moving on to the engine, 45 TFSI petrol is very impressive. The 2.0-liter section produces 249hp (3hp down after moving to BS6) and 370Nm, all numbers are the same as the section, and as before, all are powered via a 7-speed dual-clutch auto gearbox and Quattro AWD.

It’s a smooth and refined experience, as before, with a good punch when you need to move. It’s not as fun as the other petrol engines of other competitors, but the gearbox is very fast, or responding to gravity when you’re in a hurry. Two-clutch boxes, in a stable motion, do not feel like they are being crushed too much when you are moving too fast.

There are other types of Drive Select, including Off-Road, that put you in lower gear and steer downhill. With a lot of permission, we were able to quickly play with this on the broken road up and down the hill, and it did amazingly well. What is most important to the owners, is that across the various ‘road’ types, the strength of the steering wheel is also adjusted. This works well to increase the flexibility of body movement at angles, in dynamic movements, but as before, dynamic adjustment and aggressive movement are not Q5 factors. The steering wheel is still not working for this to be a fun car. Surprisingly, the ride quality, even moving to larger wheels and lower tires, remains good at any speed. It is comfortable and low at low speeds, and even left in Comfort mode, makes the SUV even more comfortable when traveling at high speeds.

Once a top market leader, Audi India shrunken model range over the past 18 months with the death of diesel has put at odds with its two rivals, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Q5, however, indicates a change in color, which will be boosted by the return of Q7 and familiar colors next year.

Yes, things haven’t changed much with this change in Q5, but was it really necessary? Our reviews of the old car were praised as the jack of all trades (and the owner of a few), and it seems to be the case again. With prices ranging from ₹ 58.93 lakh to ₹ 63.77 lakh, Audi has re-launched its top mid-size SUVs compared to the rest. But, is this enough to put it back on the Indian luxury SUV buyer car? We have to wait and see.

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