Attack regarding the bow and arrows in Norway 5 have killed many accidents | Attacker in Norway killed five people with a bow and arrow, many of them wounded

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Attacker in Norway killed five people who have a bow and arrow, most of them wounded

Oslo: In the town of Kongsberg close to the Norwegian money Oslo, a man attacked with a bow and arrow and killed at the least five people. A lot more were hurt within the war. Norwegian police say their suspected captors have been arrested. Kongsberg police chief Oywind Aas stated five people was in fact killed and lots of other people injured into the assault.

The event took place in Kongsberg, Norway, about 40 miles[68 km]from the Norwegian money Oslo, with a population around 28,000. Acting Prime Minister Erna Solberg has rejected the allegations. He also said that it was too early to determine the reason for the plot. Norway’s newly elected Prime Minister Jonas Gehr Storey, that is likely to take office on Thursday, called the assault “brutal”.

Based on reports, the person used a bow and arrow to fight the battle. Police are investigating whether any of the tools had been utilized in the assault. The suspect happens to be arrested by authorities. It is said which he did this himself. A retired police ended up being also hurt into the event. Those inside the store which was shot.

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