The song of a bird strikes insane

New Delhi. It is often the case that you do not feel well due to any other illness, but all are found to be normal due to illness or some other medical examination. In that case, most doctors will tell you that everything is fine, but the problem remains the same for you. We have come to you with a wonderful cure for some mysterious illnesses. And, this aid is like ‘heegh lage na alum, rang only’. Let us tell you here that Drs. Sameer Malhotra, Superintendent and Head of the Department of Health and Social Sciences at Saket Max Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi, has helped us bring you the amazing cure for this incurable disease.

Now without a doubt, tell us about the disease and its treatment. Let us first consider Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a disease in which you experience pain in various parts of your body and the pain is not found in research. Basically, the disease is caused by an imbalance of the drug in the body. Drug incompatibility directly affects your body’s alcoholic beverages, which is why you start to feel a lot of pain in different parts of the city. In treating these abnormal physical ailments due to fibromyalgia, you spend several months going to the doctor and spending thousands of dollars to get tested, but the results are not the same.

Wonderful treatment for your chronic illness
Now let’s talk about a wonderful cure for your incurable disease. You will be surprised once you hear about the treatment, but once you get the treatment for a few days, you will start to see only its benefits. Of course, to get rid of these strange and strange diseases, you have to be friendly with nature and listen to the birds sing every morning and evening, and feel the wind. You need to set your heart on the song so that you can hear it again. I know, you must know that this drug is strange, which is why let me take you to Dr. Sameer Malhotra for better understanding.

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Dr. Sameer Malhotra explains that there is a strong relationship between mind and body. If there are any problems, discomfort or emotional problems, then the symptoms begin to show up again in your body. Symptoms include high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, unexplained abdominal pain, dizziness, back pain, pain in various parts of the body, and much more. Often, we do not know the cause of this and do not get relief even after receiving all the treatment. Here, but if we interact with nature, you will not only get rid of fibromyalgia, but the stress, frustration and anxiety will go away from you.

How to have a real relationship with nature
Dr. Sameer Malhotra tells you that in order to get rid of strange and poor diseases, you need to be friends with nature in a real way. Real friendship means, you see trees and plants around you, you feel the magnitude, if it is the rainy season, listen carefully to the sound of the rain, you feel the fresh air that comes with the drops. for birds, and much more. That is, you are as connected to nature as you can be. All of this will give you peace of mind. In this way, when you connect with the environment quickly and deeply, the incurable disease escapes.

According to Drs. Sameer Malhotra, this story does not end here. They tell you that your association with nature will remain inadequate until you start to get up in the morning and not walk in the morning. Instead, rising (sunlight) in the morning is important for us. When we take in this sunlight, some of our body’s hormones are released. If we wake up late, we will find these things for ourselves. This is why, in order to avoid all complications and diseases, it has been said that it goes to Brahma Muhurta. When you are in the middle of nature in the morning, you receive a lot of oxygen, which helps your mind and brain to relax. If the mind and thoughts remain healthy, then everything else will be right on its own.

What does medical science say about connecting with the environment?
Now let’s talk about how nature helps us stay healthy. Sameer Malhotra makes it so that when you connect with nature, you are not judging. If you look around your life, today the man is discussing another matter, or judging. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, she mentions only two things — good or bad. Not only this, many people judge and give their answers. Sometimes you start to express your feelings and become more concerned about the situation. But as man approaches nature, the process and judgments stop. There thoughts and feelings just feel and diminish.

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