Russia has denied any involvement in the US embassy

‘There is a risk that relations may develop between Russia and the US’

Russia and the United States have failed to address any major issues on Tuesday by bridging the gap between the size and performance of their ambassadors and there is a risk that relations could grow, “said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

With the relationship that ended as a result of the Cold War in the aftermath, the two countries are at loggerheads over the number of delegates they can send to each other, although Moscow has said it wants to lift sanctions imposed in recent years.

“I can’t say we have done very well,” he said. Disruption The media reported that Ryabkov made the remarks after speaking in Moscow with US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. “There is a risk of further conflict.”

Meetings between Nuland and Russian officials have been “helpful,” U.S. State spokesman Ned Price told reporters at the press conference, adding that US views on US operations in Russia have been “strong”.

“We are looking forward to a labor agreement and we are hoping for a visa refund. There has to be fairness, there has to be flexibility on the part of Russia, if we want to achieve an agreement and that is what we are after,” he said.

He said there would be more discussions below and Washington was hoping to find an answer to the ongoing dispute. “We want fully-fledged ambassadors in Moscow,” he said.

Last week Russia’s foreign ministry said a US request to deport 300 Russian ambassadors to the United States would support the closure of US offices in Russia, if successful.

U.S. filmmakers have urged President Joe Biden to remove Russian diplomats, saying Russia’s restrictions on staffing at US embassies have left the United States with about 100 Russian ambassadors compared to 400 Russians in the United States.

“Bad” actions

“It stressed the Russian side that their actions against Russia cannot be held accountable, but Moscow did not want to continue,” Russia’s foreign ministry said.

“We plan to remove all restrictions that have been imposed on both sides over the last few years.”

Moscow does not ban embassies in Russia and the US from the cold, but wants to prevent this, a RIA reporters quoted Mr. Ryabkov as saying.

He said the two sides would hold new talks to resolve the issue on the visa and ambassador, not to mention the date.

Ms. Nuland’s visit to Moscow this week has angered some Russians who have held a memorial service to assassinate Kremlin’s Boris Nemtsov in central Moscow earlier Monday.

Ms. Nuland, a former Russian scholar, sees the Kremlin as someone who has promoted anti-Russian ideology in the former Soviet republics such as Ukraine which Moscow considers to be powerful.

His visit comes at a time when relations between Washington and Moscow have been severely disrupted on a number of fronts, including Russian terrorists opposing US businesses and the arrest of Alexei Navalny, a close enemy of President Vladimir Putin.

Biden and Putin held a meeting in June in Geneva, with the US president saying Washington would find out in the next six months a year if possible negotiations with Moscow could take place.

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