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Rest on petrol and diesel for the second day in a row, fill the car tank

petrol and diesel For the second day in a row, there has been a great relief for ordinary people facing rising prices. The country’s largest oil companies have not made any changes to oil and diesel prices on Wednesday. Even today, oil is only available at fixed prices on Monday. On Monday, oil companies generated fuel at 30 paise and diesel and 35 paise per liter. Speaking of oil prices in Delhi today, it is available at Rs 104.44 per liter and diesel at 93.17 per liter.

On the other hand, the price of crude oil continues to rise in the global market. Brent vacancy prices rose 0.29% to $ 83.89 per barrel on the previous trade. Let us tell you that from September 24, oil and diesel prices continue to rise. Gasoline is sold for over 100 rupees in almost every capital city. In Mumbai it is over 110 and in Bhopal it is over 117. This month alone, the fuel price is Rs 2.80 and diesel is 3.30 per liter.

Find out what the price of fuel and diesel in your city today is

CityPetrol (Rs / Liter)Diesel (Rs / Liter)
New DelhiProducts93.17
Ranchi98.89Products 98

(Source- IOC SMS)

You can also determine the price of diesel fuel

Indian Oil has provided the site with information on the level of fuel and diesel. You can also find out via SMS. India Oil customers write in the message box – RSP 102072 (RSP Dealer Code of Petrol Pump) to find out the price of Delhi and send it to 9224992249. Similarly, text RSP 108412 for Mumbai, RSP 119941 for Kolkata and RSP 133593 for Chennai and send it to 9224992249. In doing so you will get the latest prices on your phone.

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