Panchak kaal began on October 15 to prevent doing these exact things during this time period Dussehra:

Panchak kaal started on 15 October

In ancient astrology, Muhurta (time, period) could function as the most important. According to astrology, it’s considered one of the most powerful forces at work inside cosmos. At the same time, in certain teams, no special tasks are forbidden. Thanks to Panchak that may take place on Friday, it’ll be called Chor Panchak.

from Friday Panchak it’s called Chor Panchak. Travel is prohibited today. In addition, company activities may forbidden on this day. Should you choose the forbidden work today, then you are losing profits.

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Based on Acharya Indu Prakash, Panchak will run from 9.16pm regarding the nights October 15 to 2.02pm on 20 October.

Don’t repeat this work during Panchak

  1. At Panchak, no business ought to be done.
  2. Do not begin almost any travel in times of Panchak.
  3. Commercial activities, carpentry, woodworking or gathering firewood should be avoided during Panchak.
  4. If someone is hitched, then brand new bride really should not be taken house or delivered abroad.
  5. No sleep or couch should really be taken or put.
  6. If someone dies, then if his last rituals are not handled correctly, then Panchak dosha sometimes happens. It is explained in more detail in Garuda Purana, based on which, if the last rites are to be performed, the rites must be obtained from the learned Pandit when doing the last rituals combined with corpse, make five sculptures made of flour or kush. and after this, just like the dead body, the last rites of the thing must be done for legal reasons.

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