Hindus in Kabul celebrate Navratri event in Asamai Mandir jagran kirtan hare rama hare krishna

because the Taliban invaded Afghanistan, there has been worries and hazards among the minority. However, now a video clip is released who has lessened this fear. Daras, users for the Hindu community sang ‘Hare Rama-Hare Krishna’ at a temple in Kabul through the Navratri, which can be being shown on social media marketing.

The movie is told associated with the Asmai temple in Kabul, in which Hindus played kirtan and Jagran. Journalist Ravinder Singh Robin also recorded on a Hindu film video singing ‘Hare-Rama, Hare-Krishna’ from their trusted Twitter group.

He additionally penned a video on Monday evening, Hindu people celebrated the Navratri festival during the old Asmai temple in Kabul. In accordance with Ravinder Singh Robin, these Hindus have actually appealed towards federal government of Asia that due to the economic and cultural crisis, they must be removed straight away.

In August, the Taliban announced the capture of Afghanistan. Ever since then, Afghanistan’s economy has plummeted. People never have even the money to eat and drink.

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