Beauty tips know how to get rid of old scars on the skin

Crow Foot Care: With age, wrinkles and natural facial features that cannot be stopped. However, we can reduce the aging process by making some changes in our lives. In fact, as our age increases, the initial effects are visible around our eyes. The skin here is very sensitive, which is why thick and wrinkles appear here at first. One sign is the crow ft.

3-4 sharp lines around the eyes are called crow feet. Learn how to get rid of them

Find out what the Crow’s Feet are

health According to him, the crow’s feet are called fine lines with wrinkles formed on the outer corners of the eyes, which are of two colors. One is strong and the other is stable. Strong wrinkles are caused primarily by the face. This is made up of showing your smile, expression and eyebrows. While wrinkles of this type are caused by gravity and aging. In fact, with age, skin elastin begins to decline.

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How can you stop it?


– Take group meals.

Install sunscreen against UV rays.

– Protect the skin from drying out.

– Avoid sun exposure.

Use sunglasses in the sun.

Wipe your face in the morning and evening.

What is the treatment of crow’s feet?

1. Botox

Botox is one of the drugs that good lines can fail to produce. This prevents the cells from shrinking.

2. Natural Peel

This is the process by which an acidic solution is applied to the face and then removed. Its strength increases slowly and becomes useful for the next few days.

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3. Laser Therapy

It is a modern technique in which several layers of skin are removed from one with the help of a laser. As a result, wrinkles disappear. This increases collagen production.

4. Dermal Fills

It is a natural process in which hyaluronic acid or collagen is applied locally with the help of injections, which makes wrinkles and fine lines disappear.

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