‘upGrad explores M & As, to make money’

upGrad Education, an online higher education training company, is looking at what could be done to secure higher education online in Africa, Mexico and the US to become a global company based in India, its founders said.

To facilitate integration and acquisition (M&A), countries are negotiating with investors, he said.

“Right now, that [fund raising exercise] it continues, “said Co-founder and chairman Ronnie Screwvala.”

Explaining, co-founder and MD Mayank Kumar said, “In Africa. We are looking forward to [to acquire] the largest online higher education company and one of the highest paid players in Mexico. ”

“In the US, we want a bigger platform, and we want to grow the market through partnerships with universities,” he added.

In India, upGrad has acquired five companies in the past and now purchases are available in international markets.

Using work methods available among job seekers, many employees who pay l 2-3 lakh for online courses who want to do better and change to be able to pay more, the company expects to double their annual earnings in six months.

“At the end of September, our annual income is $ 210 million, which is expected to grow to $ 450 million to $ 500 million in March 2022. Recent findings from other countries are helpful,” Screwvala said.

With the exception of India, upGrad operated in eight foreign countries, where the company expands its base, he added.

In the past six months, the company has secured $ 185 million from Temasek, IFC and IIFL, investing $ 1.2 billion.

Currently, 20% of companies come from global operations, which is said to be growing at 50% in two years, he added.

upGrad, which focuses on long-term human education, says its technical expertise, machine learning, Internet MBA, technical, digital marketing and law studies are finding many requirements.

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