The seller’s income jumps at Rs 6.09 lakh cr in four days

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Investors get the most out of the market

New Delhi. Investors have made a lot of money in the last four days of the market. In the last 4 days, there has been an increase of 6.09 lakh rupees in the total capital of the bank. Meanwhile, the stock market has closed in its wake. On the other hand, larger indices are closer to their full length.

huge profits from investors

Sensex has garnered 1,094.58 points in the past four days. The stock market index listed by the BSE rose by 6,09,840,74 crore rupees to 2,68,30,387.79 crores in four directions. Siddharth Khemka, Head of Sales Research, Oswal Financial Services said, “The stock market started weakening in line with the signals from foreign markets. related to the importance of the holiday season, there are good signs in the market.Why traders buy in the market.

How much money you get
Looking at performance over the past week, Tata Motors has offered the highest interest rate in the major stocks, shares more than 23% over the period. While Titan gained more than 15 percent and ONGC gained more than 10 percent. If we look at the high returns, investors in 23 stocks have returned more than 50 percent in just one week. Hindustan Motors has seen a 71% increase and Abon Offshore has increased more than 63 percent. Reliance Industries has grown by more than 4 percent during this period.

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