Rupal is proud to have won the Under-18 girls’ race at the National Open 400m

The Uttar Pradesh girl took 53.73 seconds at the Nehru Sports Complex in New Delhi

Rupal ran a race to celebrate the fastest winter season for girls under 18 to win the race in the National Open 400m Championship at Nehru Sports Complex on Tuesday.

The Uttar Pradesh girl took 53.73 seconds to finish in about five seconds faster than her rivals PR Neharika of Tamil Nadu and Nayana Kokare of Karnataka.

In doing so, Rupal was the most active among women this season in India. His oldest record was 55.37, enlisted in the Under-16s at the 2019 youth conference in June in Guntur. In March, Rupal closed 58.02 in the North Zone meeting.

Afterwards, Ayush Dabas left the challenges of Surendra Selvamani and Harpreet Singh Gill to maintain a reputation in the club.

Ayush, the favorite, passed 46.86 seconds, to stay well ahead of Selvamani (47.76) and Gill (48.13).

Abrar Choudhary (J & K) slowly began to beat Pankaj (Rajasthan) with the best of the best for boys under 20 years of age.

Rihan CH (49.02) of Karnataka stayed away from Rajasthan’s Sonu Chaudhary and Shivam to earn an honor under the age of 18.

The women’s section showed disappointment. There were only six entries and all three finalists arrived on the platform.

Kanista Teena of Tamil Nadu was the winner in the under-16 girls category when she beat Kriataka’s Priyanka Olekar, a top runner in the semifinals.

Results (final): Men: 1. Ayush Dabas (Har) 46.86; 2. Surendar Selvamani (TN) 47.76; 3. Singh Gill City (Pun) 48.13.

Boys (u-20): 1. Abrar Choudhary (J & K) 48.56; 2. Pankaj (Raj) 48.99; 3. Akshay Govardhan (Mah) 49.17; (18): 1. Rahul Githala (Raj) 48.33; 2. A. Suraj (TN) 48.59; Arman Ahmad (Del) 48.60; (u-16): 1. Rihan CH (Kar) 49.02; 2. Sonu Chaudhary (UP) 50.09; 3. Shivam (UP) 50.26.

Work: 1. Vandana Sharma (UP) 55.01; 2. Smruthimol Rajendran (Ker) 55.75; 3.Khamosh Bai Gurjar (Raj) 1: 04.57.

Girls: (20): 1. Rajitha Kunia (Andhra) 56.19; 2.Kiranjot Kaur (Pun) 57.02; 3. Priscilla Daniel (Ker) 57.54; (u-18): 1. Rupal (PA) 53.73; 2. PR Neeharika (TN) 58.07; 3. Nayana Kokare (Kar) 58.41; (u-16): 1. Cardinal Teena (TN) 57.41; 2. Priyanka Olekar (Kar) 58.77; 3.Tanvi Malik (UP) 59.13.

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