Peanuts are great for health and skin

Peanuts and Good Health: If one calls the peanut over time, then another calls the almonds the poor. But did you know that nuts were first grown in Africa? Many of its features and many benefits are mentioned. People eat roasted nuts in the winter, and then people use peanut butter for breakfast. In addition, food is also cooked in peanut oil in many other places like Maharashtra. But you know that nuts are very good for our skin and skin. Here are some tips to help you get nuts in your diet. To keep your skin and hair healthy. Along with this, it is also important to know the consequences of peanut butter.

helping to reduce obesity
Nuts contain other nutrients, which also help to reduce obesity. It reduces the amount of fat found in the body, and helps to repair the dead and living cells in the body. Only one or two tablespoons of peanut butter should be included in the daily diet.

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useful to increase fertility
Eating nuts in the medium term can be very beneficial. Apart from this, it also helps to increase fertility. Groundnut provides relief from abdominal pain during the period. It also provides relief from temporary pain. If you are pregnant, soak the peanuts and eat them for lunch or dinner.

anti-aging work
Eating nuts provides anti-aging benefits. When applied peanut oil to the skin, wrinkles and age-related changes appear late on the skin. It also has antique properties. For this reason, lemon juice mixed with peanut butter should be applied to the face and after 10 minutes the face should be cleansed.

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white and bright skin
It also works to clean the skin and nourish the skin. Its oil removes dead cells from the skin. It can be applied directly to the face. For this purpose, mix lemon juice with oil and apply on face and after 20 minutes dust on the face.

beneficial for hair
An excess of biotin is found in peanut butter. The most important thing in hair growth is to keep it healthy. Peanut butter also helps to deal with axes e.g. For this purpose, add a little water to the essential oil, give the hair three times the first week after washing the hair.

This can be tricky

  • Some things to keep in mind when eating peanuts, otherwise they may have side effects.
  • Eating nuts can increase cholesterol
  • There may be other side effects of nuts such as itchy rash
  • Overeating can lead to bile strain problems. (Disclaimer: Most of the information in this article is based on common sense. Hindi news18 does not guarantee the same. Please contact an expert before using it.)

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