Cabinet to donate 28,655 cr 28,655 crore approved P&K fertilizer support during the Rabbi season, farmers will benefit


On Tuesday, the government announced that funding for Phosphatic and Potash (P&K) fertilizers should be paid.

New Delhi: On Tuesday, the government announced that Phosphatic and Potash (P&K) fertilizer subsidies would enable farmers to obtain such benefits at a lower cost during the Rabbi sowing season. The Committee on Finance (CCEA) under the auspices of Prime Minister Narendra Modi approves Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) prices for P&K fertilizers from October, 2021 to March, 2022. The Rabbi (winter sowing) season begins in October.

According to the government, N (N) under the NBSnitrogenContributions per kg of) are Rs 18.789, Rs 45.323 for P (Phosphorus), Rs 10.116 for K (Potash) and S (Sulfur) is designed to be Rs.2.374. The government says ‘the total amount that will be exceeded will be 28,602 crore’. Under this, a special package with additional access to DAP has also been offered at an additional cost of rs 5,716 crore. The total amount funded is 35,115 rupees, he said.

CCEA also approved the inclusion of potash from sugarcane molasses (0: 0: 14.5: 0) under the NBS plot. According to the document, “Rabbi 2021-22 funding after withdrawal funds could be 28,655 crore.” In June, CCEA increased funding for DAP and other non-urea fertilizers by 14,775 crore. The government provided about 79,600 crore of fertilizer costs in the 2021-22 budget and this figure could be increased after additional funding.

By providing details of these benefits, the government on Tuesday said the additional funding would support the availability of all P&K fertilizers for farmers at a subsidized / affordable price during Rabbi 2021-22. In the case of urea, the Center has set a very low cost and reimburses the difference between MRP and production cost as a currency.

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