9 years, 140 matches and 0 trophies … this is a trip for Virat Kohli ‘RCB’ captain ‘- 9 years match 140 and trophies 0: a trip for virat kohli as rcb captain

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nine years match 140 and cups 0: trip virat kohli as rcb captain

All the Indian Premier League (IPL) clubs are well known all over the world, but there is also a league team that may not have won the trophy but its fans are considered to be the most loyal fans. That group is none other than Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). What makes the club so popular with fans is that it could also be the club’s chief executive, Virat Kohli. The team’s manager was Rahul Dravid, Kevin Pietersen, Anil Kumble and Daniel Vettori but Virat Kohli took over for a long time. Virat played his final game as captain on October 11, 2021, as he was to be defeated.

Let us tell you that every year the fans of the team sing ‘E Sala Cup Namde’, which means ‘This year’s Cup is ours’, to support their team with hope and interest. But each year the hearts of the fans are broken. Is it because of the team’s bad captain or something?

Interestingly, the team played the final game as an IPL 20iminator Eliminator. In that match, the Kolkata Knight Rider defeated them by 4 wickets and their dream of winning the trophy was also shattered. This year it is expected that Virat Kohli’s RCB will win the cup for their fans. Cricketers and fighters also had high hopes that this year’s trophy would go to Bangalore as the team had some great music from the beginning of this season and the team’s integration was better than any other season. Advertisers or cooks, everyone was doing their job well. Opening and closing, the spinners and pacers were all a threat but this year too the hiding of the IPL cup with the team has not stopped. This time, who would you say you lost at a cup?

Counted among the best fighters in the world, Virat Kohli has been in charge of the team since 2013. Although he has been with the RCB since the IPL’s inception until now he is part of the team. Many well-known players like Chris Gayle, KL Rahul, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Daniel Vettori came and went, although the color and logo of the team’s jersey changed but Kohli was the only one who did not change.

Perhaps the image of Kohli wearing a red jersey comes to the minds of many when he hears RCB… There is no doubt that Virat Kohli is a player and a shooter because the world knows what he has achieved as a fighter but he is Show you are a good driver? Although he won a crucial match for the Indian cricket team, but did not win any ICC trophy as captain so far, his case was the same for the IPL. He has not tasted the team’s success even once in nine years as captain.

Virat had participated in nine IPL seasons, during which time he was able to take his team to the final only once. Although the competition was very close, chances did not please the team and the final IPL 2016 match was won by Sunrisers Hyderabad led by David Warner with 8 runs. As for RatB captain Virat Kohli, he played 140 games as captain. In those games 70 have been won and 66 matches have been won.

Let’s see how the RCB appointed Kohli as an annual supervisor-

2013 – Virat Kohli becomes IPL manager for the first time. He made 634 runs in 16 games that season. However, he stayed away from the cup. He finished the season in the fifth place on the table. In 16 games, they won 9 matches but missed out on a place in the playoffs. If he had won the match again, he would have reached the playoffs. That season the Indian Indians won their first IPL Cup under Rohit Sharma.

2014- Virat Kohli played 14 matches this season where he managed to run 359. Under the guidance of his captain, the team won five of fourteen games and finished their season in seventh place with 10 points. Leading the season was the Kolkata Knight Rider.

2015 – This was the first season when Kohli managed to lift his team to the top-4 for the first time. His beats were also good. They made 505 runs in 15 games. Bangalore beat Rajasthan Royals and 71 runners in the erifitator but their dream of winning the trophy was shattered in Qualifier 2. That season, the team led by Rohit Sharma defeated the Indians of Mumbai.

2016 – This was the best season for Virat Kohli. He also did amazing things by hitting. He recorded 973 records in 16 games. The median was 81.08 and his strike was also 152.03. He won 400 years in 16 games. After defeating the Gujarat Lions in Qualifier 1, he gave fans hope that this year’s trophy was his. But then Sunrisers Hyderabad lost hope and won the tournament by 8 runs.

2017 – This season Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers were injured when the entire team collapsed. RCB recorded the worst history. All were out having scored 49 runs in 9.4. Kohli also scored 30 runs in 10 matches and finished his final season at the table.

2018- RCB fell head over heels without Chris Gayle. I can’t make him play 11 well all season. Virat Kohli played 520 runs in 14 games and was eliminated in sixth place after being defeated by Rajasthan Royals by 30 runs. He had 12 points that season.

2019- The season also went well for RCB. Kohli only wrote one hundred. He shot 464 in 14 games this season. RCB finished last this season.

Year 2020 – With new coaches, it is said that things will change at RCB. RCB completed the team with 14 points but their dream of returning the trophy was thwarted by the defeat of Eliminator. Sunrisers Hyderabad beat him and pulled him out. Virat scored 466 in 15 games.

2021- This season the RCB Oval was doing very well. He reached the playoffs again but could not make it to the top 2. Once again, his campaign ended with a Eliminator match. Kolkata hit him with 4 wickets and showed him the way to escape. Virat recorded 405 games in 15 games. His highest pay was 72 unbeaten. He won the 3rd-century this season. With that, his journey as RCB chieftain ended.

IPL 2021: After the final game as captain, Kohli posted a message on Twitter and expressed his heartfelt condolences to the fans.

In that case, not a single IPL cup came to the Virat cabinet as a captain. They will no longer be responsible for deciding on team combinations, and there will be no more stress in responding to demonstrations in the game. Now as a player, he just supports the new captain without being forced.

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