The woman quits the cleaning job and starts making great things for the website she receives crore rupee ashas

The woman said that her husband was very supportive of her and that with her help he has started the project. (Photo: Instagram / @ texasthighs)

An American woman cleaned the homes of others and took care of her home. But she quit her job and started a job that earns more than 3 million dollars a year (Women earn 3 crore a year).

They argue that poverty can force people to do anything. But a person who is interested in progress, even if he is poor, finds one way or another the way his health is. However, sometimes the work done to improve matters is not welcomed by others. An American woman started a business like this, when she started earning a lot of money, but only her relatives started looking at her sarcastically.

The woman earns crore money from solid images 1

More than 11 lakh people follow Kourtney on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram / @ texasthighs)

There was a time when 38-year-old Courtney Ann, who lives in Texas, USA, used to sweep houses. Her husband, Nick, worked part-time in the advertising industry. Courtney also had two daughters and the whole house was run by a man and a woman together. Her husband left early in the morning to go to work. Afterwards they have to do all the housework, the girls have to drop out of school and it is their responsibility to bring in the household chores. After that he would work in other houses and return home until the evening. Her life was full of hardships and she loved to twist her mind to improve their lives economically. He loves to use social media and often sees color images there. Nick always used to tell Kourtney that he also looks pretty much like this and he too needs to share his bold photos on television.

It has started to make older things
Following the advice of their husbands, Kourtney posted an account on Instagram and began sharing some bold photos. Within a few days, his account began to grow exponentially and with the help of Instagram, he started earning more. In time, he created his account on the register of only the Onlyfans adults and began selling his nude photos. Kourtney’s husband Nick also helped her a lot and now takes pictures of her. Courtney says there has never been a time when her income has increased 10 times from her previous job. He now earns more than $ 3.5 million a year. Both have quit their jobs and are just working to create content. The couple’s children are also very intelligent and do not judge their parents by their actions. According to Courtney, these people are now more mobile and live more Ash lives. It is unfortunate that many members of Kourtney’s Samate mother’s family reject the job. He doesn’t like making big things from Kourtney. That is why he does not talk to them.

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