Neeraj Chopra informs Raghav Juyal What kind of girl is Shyingly telling all circumstances to look at a movie

Brand New Delhi. Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra had been regarded as a particular guest within Dance + 6 event. Through the show, Neeraj was extremely impressed with all the show, Raghav Juyal. Raghav asked Neeraj many funny concerns, which he replied with a smile and a shy laugh. At the show, Raghav asked Neeraj why he had cut their hair. Apart from this, exactly how girls should match the horoscope with Neeraj, was also asked. Neeraj Chopra had been horribly ashamed to respond to this question. Within the show, Neeraj additionally presented the famous choreographer Shakti Mohan in their design.

Raghav Juyal asked Neeraj Chopra initial question – Why did Neeraj Chopra cut his hair? Neeraj had long locks for many months, but he cut his hair on Olympics. Explaining why he shaved, Neeraj stated, “Hair becomes a barrier if they have fun with the Olympics in Tokyo.” He said he didn’t want to ruin his very first shot within Olympic medal for baldness.

Where does Neeraj Chopra keep their spear? A secret had been revealed inside video clip

Raghav then asked, “How can you be like Kundli and Neeraj Chopra?” Neeraj Chopra wasn’t satisfied with the question and said he’d no information about Kundli and saw all of this as strange. Later on, whenever questioned by a Puneet journalist, he also talked about his idol spouse. Whenever Raghav jokingly asked if he previously become like a spear, Neeraj replied, “No, no, no … how long could be the deal, it will require quite a long time.”

Biles spent an eternity in jail for the team’s physician, he stated – he had to stop the game before the Tokyo Olympics

Neeraj stated it really is good as his ideal wife along with other athlete, that is very centered on their career. He additionally said there must certanly be shared respect among them and their family.

Through the show, Neeraj danced to your popular Punjabi track ‘Ishq Tera Tadpave’ by Shakti Mohan. Describing Shakti, Neeraj stated, “Javelin is the most important thing in my life. I don’t know how to cook anything… it’s not good. No, i cannot remain that point.”

Raghav Juyal pretends to be heartbroken when Neeraj Chopra asks Shakti. He tells Neeraj Chopra sarcastically, “Brother, you tossed a spear into the incorrect place.” Hearing this from Raghav, every person begins laughing and Neeraj.

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