Kreeda’s ‘The Traveling Journal’ travels to India and various countries

The Chennai sports company is publishing 20 mobile magazines that can capture the personal experience of playing traditional sports

Vinita Sidhartha, founder of Kreeda, said: “Sports stories tell us a lot about where people live, how they support each other, how they form relationships and how they love each other.” The Chennai sports company has been researching, designing and reviving traditional Indian sports for nearly 20 years. It has now published The Kreeda Traveling Journal, which will help record people’s past experiences and memories of the sport. The newspaper will travel from person to person in various parts of the world, allowing them to record their memories by writing, painting, drawing or in any other way.

Vinita Sidhartha, founder of Kreeda

Vinita remembers how the Kreeda team visited the nursing homes to pick up most of the games that the elderly played. “With COVID-19, this connection has been difficult. The Traveling Journal is trying to emulate the experiences of people playing traditional sports. It’s not just about reviving the game, which we’ve been working on, but it’s also important to understand how they play. ”

As part of the exhibition, 20 beautifully produced magazines will begin their journey next week across India and various countries – Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK and Europe- around the world. “Recipients use two pages to describe their experience. Families can help the elderly to do the same, ”says Vinita. When finished, the magazine is given to the next person, and then it is filled. The magazines are shipped to Kreeda. Vinita said: “We will follow up with the newspaper and provide updates from time to time.”

Kreeda's 'The Traveling Journal' travels to India and various countries

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