The bite of a Bannur son

The Impresario Handmade Restaurant kicks off with its culinary masterpiece, thanks to Karnivore Kitchen collaboration

The plague has helped to rekindle the curiosity of indoor cooking, with homeowners testing Dalgona’s coffee and coffee. The most inspiring act born out of the crisis that followed the popularity of the home-based restaurant business. In all the cities, home cooks provide fresh, local food for families. The Impresario Handmade Restaurant, which runs well-known chains such as Smoke House Deli, Salt Water Cafe and SOCIAL among others, celebrates homeowners with their new approach to Local Heroes.

The first phase takes place until September 28 at all Bengaluru SOCIAL sites, hosted by house cook Kalyan Gopalakrishna, of the Karnivore Kitchen in collaboration with SOCIAL’s Chef Saurabh Arora.

Gopalakrishna uses Naati (national / local) food from Karnataka, and focuses on non-vegetarian donations. The start of the Karnivore Kitchen in April 2020, was a giveaway, when Chef Kalyan was forced to close his Balance Plate Café in Bengaluru, and he had over eight pounds of meat sitting in the fridge. He introduced a simple menu that offers local recipes, cooking over 30 pounds a week. He now offers a smorgasbord of local delicacies for lamb, chicken and pork.

“I have followed my mother to cook and carry local recipes in Mysuru and Bengaluru. I do not use any oil, I just cook with the oil I give. The spice mixture we use in our recipes contains a lot of pepper (from Malnad) and a complete garam masala ( from Delhi) I think a lot about Bannur’s son: the local sheep are very fat and fragrant. ”

Foods served to SOCIAL are Bannur mutton chops fried, Bannur mutton palav, Bannur mutton roasted peppers, karnivore chilli chicken and chilli pork, and pork belly fry. The pieces fall off the bones, rinsed with pepper spray and then cooked on top of it. Bannur mutton palav has a short grain of rice that absorbs the oil it produces from lamb, and the spice grows with a bite everywhere.

The bite of a Bannur son

“Bannur sheep are fed a lot of milk bread, green channa and wheat, and after six months they are three times heavier than ordinary lambs,” he explains.

With a month and a half in SOCIAL, all the nuts, pork and lamb have been removed from the same home cooking market, and all the ingredients have been prepared by Chef Kalyan.

The SOCIAL flavored menu complements the spicy offerings of the meat and the non-sweetened notes, with local ingredients. ‘Don’t Test Yourself’ is an extra dry martini, made with green mango scented vodka. Chilli pork carries lots of punches, leaving you staring at the gin fizz to breathe. The drink contains a packet of jaggery, pepper, cardamom, saffron, sonth, and lemon juice.

City Chef Saurabh Arora says drinks and snacks have been going well. She trained with Chef Kalyan for three weeks, to get uniforms in six places, “We also helped cook to change her recipes,” adds Chef Arora. Karnivore Kitchen is the first to participate in Bengaluru and instead of SOCIAL adding Ranveer Sabhani, Business Head – South, Impresario Handmade Restaurants. “This is a test for us and our donations to Bengaluru will be Bohri food.”

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