Hyderabad, do you need to flee immediately? Take a look at the features that are a part of this great experience

As the barriers to closure are reduced, the outdoor market in Hyderabad is busy with visitors in families traveling, looking for a place to rest in the middle of Nature. It’s powerful Wi-Fi.

In Hyderabad, families are out for the day for sunshine, fun and revenge. The ‘return of tourism’ stream makes the shopping center out of town busy. After months of closure, which usually take place in small urban homes, families are finding better ways to relax and meet, even the plague.

Work from home culture, which has grown to become a habit in many offices, has moved workplaces from office to home, bars and any other well-connected internet. With post-impedance restrictions reduced and life has slowed down, bars and workplaces are increasing. Also, after a year of no outings or vacations, people are looking for alternatives.

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Farm accommodation, tent camping, forest shelter, hiking trails, mountain climbing and bird watching or anything else that goes outside is highly sought after. Prices for these locations can range from ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 6,000 per night. It involves walking and walking in the fields.

Security first

Returning to business after the reduction, the grocery store sees a change in the customer and asks for a reservation. Grasswalks, a flight to Vikarabad (70 km from Hyderabad), is tropical because it offers spectacular views of the Vikarabad forest. Syed Mohammed Najmuddin, owner of Grasswalks, said he had to quickly prepare desks and chairs in all the rooms and tents. Reason: Most reservations came with a request for a good job.

Syed adds, “Unexpectedly, we saw many families who were very fond of their children meeting outside and connecting with Nature. Since we were constantly asking for desks, we fixed them in almost all our tents and rooms.”

Applying for a reservation and reservation is on the rise, with staff rushing to clean up and tidy up their guests ’rooms. While business is good, it is also important for everyone to be safe, say the caretaker of Trance, a resort in Moinabad. For the past few months she has been busy with wedding events there.

Outdoor activities

Out-of-town accommodations are striving for families to return as return guests. Prakash Dantuluri, owner of Gamaya in Vikarabad, says, “After a break, children learn even when they are on vacation; they come back to talk about it and sometimes it helps them to understand what they are reading. Here in Gamaya, where we are still under arrest, the irrigation system. ”

Explaining why families choose to survive abroad, Mahati Chittem, parent and professor of IIT-Hyderabad, says, “When I was locked up in our house for fear of COVID-19 last year, I couldn’t think of a hotel to stay in. I wanted my children to roam and learn to respect the environment. Online classes have made it easier for us to take them to a muddy place, where we can see better and not look at another house to see. ”Mahati chose The Getaway, a natural farm in Godamguda because she wants her daughters to grow up knowing where we get our food.

Hyderabad, do you need to flee immediately?  Take the clear road to these places

Events in nature-protected areas such as Neeraja Farm Stay, Hornbill Farm Stay, Farmville Stay and Grasswalks include walking and understanding of agriculture.

Syed adds, “Rather than being a parent, the interest of children is the motivation that motivates adults.” Such trips and natural events are designed to fit the school and work time, so that everyone can return to their tents / rooms to resume their work and school online. ”

Prem Anand of The Hidden Castle in Siddipet has some knowledge. Designed as a portrait of Takeshi’s Castle (a popular Japanese sports exhibition), its retail space was a well-known destination for group visits. This four-year-old park is housed in an old house, full of canals.

Anand says, “Schools and colleges, apart from the working class, were my biggest clients, mainly because of the games we try to emulate at Takeshi’s Castle. Now there is a change in customers. The family group is the one that makes the most money. In the evening, if it is light, the children are like a palace. ”Staying at The Hidden Castle is 70% during the week and up to 90% on weekends.

Hyderabad, do you need to flee immediately?  Take a look at the clear trails in these areas that you should visit

Organo Nandi, a group of farmers in Moinabad, owns 73 houses that serve as weekends / vacation homes as well as activities such as discussion, slow-cooking wood, gardening and talking about snakes and wildlife. A group of zero-energy, agricultural, goshala, wind turbines, waste disposal, waste disposal, home-made fertilizers and pesticides, local materials and bamboo construction, 15 acres of land it was pre-arranged, along with many other closed systems.

Rakesh Koti, Organo’s security chief, says, “Visitors take Organo Nandi as a vacation. The smaller living space and the rural kitchen make it easier for them. Families are returning a few weeks before they return to regain their strength.”

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