It is a harmful deodorant to the health of your breast

Many women, especially in the summer, use antiperspirant and deodorant daily. These medicines are effective remedies for sweating, but people often talk about if they can have any skin problems! Indeed, scientific research confirms that anti-depressants and these deodorants that affect your skin can have a profound effect on your health.

There are two things on the market — one that prevents sweating and its unpleasant odor. Apparently, now in one bottle there are both soft and fragrant soft drinks. But do you know how the aluminum contained in antiperspirant deodorant can damage your body? So let us determine what the experts say.

First, know how it works

Antiperspirant deodorants use a product made of aluminum as a tool. The product forms a temporary “plug” inside the sweat, which prevents the flow of sweat over the skin.

A study by the National Cancer Institute shows that aluminum implants are often applied to the skin around the breast and the skin absorbs the drug, which affects the hormone estrogen.

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How does it affect your health?

People often ask, Does softness really cause breast cancer? Instead, the biggest concern about aluminum in anti-depressants and other skin care products is that they can cause breast cancer.

What does research say about this?

The American Cancer Society states that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the use of antiretroviral drugs causes or exacerbates breast cancer. However, it is known that aluminum salts from antiperspirants can absorb into your skin and accumulate in your breasts, which can be harmful to your breast.

Medical research 2018 shows that more aluminum can alter the body’s production or response to the female hormone estrogen. Changes in the endocrine system (hormones) can be harmful to your body over time.

There are other reports

A 2017 clinical study asked 209 women with breast cancer and 209 women without breast cancer how often they used antiretroviral drugs and for how long. The Breast Cancer Group said that she had used antiretroviral drugs several times before she was 30 years old.

On the other hand, women who did not have breast cancer reported that they did not use anti-inflammatory drugs. There was aluminum salt in the intestines of both groups. However, women who reported using anti-inflammatory drugs often have high levels of aluminum salts.

Clinical research on whether aluminum causes cancer is unclear. There is no scientific evidence here that aluminum from antiperspirant deodorants causes breast cancer. Research is still under way in this regard.

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so what is the final opinion?

If you have been using antiperspirant deodorant for a long time, be aware that the aluminum inside it can build up in the breast tissue and aluminum can damage your endocrine system.

So ladies, as much as you can, stop using deodorant and if you need more deodorant then you can use antiperspirant free deodorant.

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